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17 julio 2024

Zaragoza Student Jorge Mercado Achieves Top Score in EvAU with 13.895

Zaragoza, Spain – In a remarkable academic achievement, Jorge Mercado Andreu, a student from San Valero School in the capital city of Zaragoza, has obtained the highest score in the University Access Assessment (EvAU) in Aragon. Jorge achieved an impressive grade of 13.895, establishing himself as the brightest student in the region in the former Selectividad exam.

With a passion for medicine, Jorge intends to pursue a career in the field and is eager to study Medicine at the prestigious University of Zaragoza. His outstanding performance in the EvAU reflects his dedication and effort at San Valero School, undoubtedly promising a bright future in the field of medicine.

Aragon also boasts another outstanding student, Sara Castañosa from La Salle-Franciscanas Gran Vía, who obtained the second-highest score in the region with 13.892 points. The educational community in Aragon takes pride in these talented youths who have demonstrated academic excellence and remarkable aspirations in their respective fields of study.

This remarkable news showcases the commitment and dedication of Aragonese students, who continue to excel in their studies and strive to achieve their educational and professional goals. Jorge and Sara’s achievements serve as an inspiring testimony to other young individuals, and we look forward to witnessing their success in their future careers.

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