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Zaragoza will become the national capital of Extended Reality with the celebration of DescubreXr

On November 18th Zaragoza will become the national capital of Extended Reality. The Art and Technology Center, ETOPIA, located in the Aragonese capital, will host DescubreXR, the reinvention of VR Day Spain, which this year expands its horizons and grows to show the public the latest developments, not only in Virtual Reality, but also in other immersive technologies, such as Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality, as well as the latest trends in Artificial Intelligence and Metaverse.

DescubreXR is thus presented as the meeting point for professionals and technology enthusiasts. An event that seeks to explore and disseminate the latest in immersive technologies, both at professional and user level, to offer a complete vision of the present and future uses of these technologies.

The event will be divided into two tracks: the Infinitum Fest Track, located in the main auditorium, where attendees will enjoy interesting presentations and round tables, and the DevFest Track, located in a complementary space, where more dynamic technical talks will be held.

Throughout the day, the event will feature the participation of professionals from leading companies such as Vodafone, Accenture, Niantic, DeuSens, Sngular, CultuLaw, Trendimensional, Isostopy, Ibercover Studio, Onirix, XOIA Extending Reality, Garra Producciones and TC Out. In addition, there will also be a demonstration space where other emerging companies in the sector will be able to show their innovative projects to the public.

To round off this annual event, the event will host the INMERSIVA XR 2023 Awards Ceremony, which recognizes and awards the most outstanding Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality projects of Spanish companies. Finally, there will be a networking space where all attendees will be able to interact in a relaxed manner and comment on the day and the topics discussed.

To maintain the spirit of the event, which is born as a national day, the DescubreXR organization will also develop local activities in other cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Pamplona, Granada and Tenerife.

DescubreXR is presented as the best annual opportunity to establish strategic relationships, learn from the best technology specialists at national level and discover the latest innovations in Extended Reality.

For more information about the event and its sponsors, partners, activities, speakers and the different types of tickets available, visit the official website: https://descubrexr.com

Organization and sponsors:

The event is possible thanks to the collaboration of organizations such as INMERSIVA XR, Neàpolis, GDG Zaragoza, XRHub Pamplona, GR Interactiva, CreaXR, ETOPIA and Zaragoza City Council.

In addition, DescubreXR has the support of prominent sponsors such as Go Aragón, Infinitum Fest, DeuSens, Virtual ON, Natinnova, Google, Oah Network, Bodegas San Valero and Real o Virtual.

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