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Spas of Aragon: Ten destinations to relax and enjoy thermalism

Aragon is renowned for its spas, the qualities of its waters and its facilities. Thermal tourism is in fashion, and Aragon has a generous offer of spas to enjoy it. Places where you will not only be able to take relaxing and healthy baths in a privileged environment. Get ready for a pleasant journey through the spas of Aragon.

In our Community there are ten active spas, distributed among the three provinces. Located in natural environments, they are complexes that combine wellness and health in an offer not only to treat certain pathologies with its medicinal waters, but also to enjoy a time of relaxation and rest in the middle of nature. Let’s know the Spas of Aragon.

Spas in the province of Zaragoza

Sicilia Spa (Jaraba)

Jaraba is one of the most important thermal areas of the Community. Not in vain, three different spas have been built here. This one in particular has more than a hundred years of history and is a perfect place to spend a few days of relaxation and rest as a couple, and also accompanied by children, because it has activities prepared for the little ones.

Its location also helps to create an ideal atmosphere for relaxation, as it is surrounded by 140,000 square meters of groves and natural spaces. And we cannot fail to mention its 250-square-meter natural swimming pool, built inside a natural cave.

The Sicilia spa offers you programs ranging from 1 to 7 days, so you can find the one you need.

Serón Spa (Jaraba)

Another of the veteran offers of medicinal waters in the province of Zaragoza, with more than 150 years of history, is the Serón spa. It boasts of having adapted to the times by incorporating the most modern techniques for the use of medicinal waters.

Proof of this is its salt chamber, an innovative treatment based on breathing a dry salt spray, beneficial for the respiratory system. It also offers various hiking trails to get to know the surrounding natural environment.

This facility is connected to the Sicilia spa through a park of groves and gardens.

La Virgen Spa (Jaraba)
Outdoor swimming pool of the Balneario de la Virgen de Jaraba (Photo: balneariodelavirgen.es)

Also located in the surroundings of the Mesa river, it is about to celebrate its 200th anniversary, which shows that the tradition of medicinal waters is deeply rooted in the history of the area. In fact, although the waters of the La Virgen spa were declared mineral-medicinal in 1869, there are texts that speak of their use as early as the 2nd century BC.

Its temperature is always between 30 and 34 degrees and flows through five different springs, one of which is the largest natural thermal pool found in the area.

Termas Pallarés Spa (Alhama de Aragón)
Termas Pallarés Spa in Alhama de Aragón. (Photo: termaspallares.com)

Around its large thermal lake, with waters always at a temperature of 28 degrees, there are three hotels located in monumental buildings, which make up a complete hotel offer in the Termas Pallarés Spa. If you look at its waters you will appreciate how crystal clear they are, something that is due to the fact that, every 32 hours, they are completely renewed in a natural way, maximizing its mineral-medicinal benefits.

In addition to health treatments, here you can also enjoy the culture in the Casino Theater, which opened in 1917 and currently hosts various concert series.

Alhama de Aragón Spa (Alhama de Aragón)
Alhama de Aragón is one of the oldest spas in Spain. (Photo: turismodearagon.com)

Alhama de Aragón is perhaps one of the oldest spas in the country. The use of its waters to heal body and spirit dates back to Roman times, a tradition that was forgotten during the presence of the Goths in the area, but inherited by the Muslims in the 11th century. As a curiosity, legend has it that even the troops of the Cid himself bathed here.

In one of its springs, such as El Moro, the rain has been falling in the form of fine rain for more than 900 years, and in La Mora it falls in the form of a waterfall. The sensations that will provoke both will make you leave aside the stress.

This place is closely linked to its past as a reference of the mineral-medicinal treatments in Aragon, but also to the constant renovation, which has allowed to preserve that tradition while modernizing the facilities.

Its facilities include a thermal park of 100,000 square meters with natural, sports and leisure facilities, such as gardens, children’s areas, an organic vegetable garden and reading areas.

Spas in the province of Huesca

Panticosa Resort (Panticosa)

The Panticosa Resort is a large resort overlooking the Pyrenees. (Photo: panticosa.com)
Next to the Hotel Continental, one of the two that make up this resort, is the spa of mineral-medicinal waters that gives its name to this place. Its waters flow at a constant temperature of 53 degrees Celsius, and are especially indicated to treat bone, skin and rheumatic diseases and, of course, all ailments related to stress.

Like the other active spa in Huesca, it has the advantage of being located in an enviable location: the Pyrenees. So, in addition to the health offer itself, we must add the wonderful landscapes that surround the visitor. Imagine the feeling of relaxation when, after having received a treatment, you lie down to admire the surroundings.

Vilas del Turbón Spa (Vilas del Turbón)
The waters gush from the Virgen de la Peña spring in Vilas del Turbón (Photo: turismodearagon.com)

Those who are in charge of this spa are the third generation of a family dedicated to taking advantage of and spreading the benefits of the thermal waters of the area. They spring from the Virgen de la Peña spring and were declared of mineral-medicinal utility in 1958. They are of weak mineralization and they are ideal for diets low in social, in addition to especially diuretic, reason why they favor the prevention of the renal stones.

Its surroundings offer a multitude of opportunities to practice mountain sports or, if you prefer, you can visit the beautiful surrounding villages, such as Roda de Isábena or Aínsa.

Spas in the province of Teruel

Manzanera Spa (Manzanera)

El Paraíso Spa in Manzanera. (Photo: turismodearagon.com)
If we tell you that it is also known as El Paraíso, you can imagine that its beneficial properties and the relaxation that its surroundings offer are guaranteed. It is located among the forests of the Sierra de Javalambre, framed in nature.

Its thermal waters, whose public utility was recognized in 1929, are cold, flowing at a temperature of 14 degrees, and are indicated for the treatment of skin, respiratory and digestive diseases.

If you visit it, take the opportunity to know the important historical-artistic heritage of the nearby towns, such as Mora de Rubielos or Rubielos de Mora.

Ariño Spa (Ariño)
Views of the Ariño spa. (Photo: balneariodearino.com)
In addition to the thermal treatments, one of the main attractions of this spa, the most modern of Aragon (it opened in 2015) is in the accommodation. Because in addition to having a 4-star hotel, you can also stay in one of its six exclusive villas. In them, without getting out of bed, you can see the nature of the Sierra de Arcos, both day and night, because the low light pollution will allow you, if you wish, to fall asleep while watching the stars.

You will also be able to enjoy this spectacle if you choose one of their night treatment programs, which are received in the outdoor Jacuzzi. This place is one of the best forms of sustainable tourism in Aragon and has been recognized with several distinctions, such as the ‘Talento empleo Aragón’ awards.

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