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7 hiking trails in Aragon for all ages

Nature is there to be enjoyed. In Aragon there are incredible hiking routes for all kinds of people. More than 3,000 kilometres of nature, culture and heritage are open to different types of excursions and levels, trails that allow you to get to know this land of contrasts, which is also reflected in its paths. Don’t know which path is right for you?

The Government of Aragon provides a tool to find the right one through the Tourist Trails of Aragon. Go Aragón has selected the top 7 hiking routes for their beauty and versatility. Are you up for it?

Route of the footbridges of Alquézar

Ruta de las pasarelas de Alquézar (Fuente: pasarelasdealquezar.com)

A hiking route of less than two hours, in the pre-Pyrenean area of the province of Huesca, in the heart of the Natural Park of the Sierra and Canyons of Guara. The Route of the footbridges is a perfect way to enjoy the beauty of the last stretch of the Vero River Canyon, the spectacular combination of water and rock in unique natural chaos. It is a family route. Access to the footbridges costs 4 euros and children under 11 are free.

Difficulty: Easy

San Martín de la Val d’Onsera

La ruta tiene su punto álgido al llegar a la ermita, que se sitúa junto a una pequeña cascada. (Fuente: Wikiloc)

This is an incredible out-and-back route for lovers of hiking and legends. The path leads to one of the most spectacular places in the Sierra y Cañones de Guara Natural Park: the hermitage of San Martín de la Val d’Onsera. According to tradition, this hermitage, next to which there is a waterfall, was associated during the Middle Ages with fertility rituals. Aragonese kings and nobles came here in search of male offspring. This is the case of the king of Aragon, Pedro IV, who travelled to the hermitage to ask his third wife, Doña Leonor, to have a son. And he succeeded. The walk passes between stretches of high conglomerate walls that form a twisted canyon, and several kilometres of path, called the Path of the Donkeys.

Difficulty: Moderate

Ordesa and the Cola de Caballo (Horse’s Tail)

Las maravillosas gradas de Soaso en Ordesa y Monteperdido. (Fuente: Turismo de Aragón)

Almost eight hours of round-trip walking in the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park. It has become one of the most popular routes in the Pyrenees, with a landscape dominated by cliffs, waterfalls, forests and meadows. The views of Marboré, Monte Perdido and Añisclo are truly marvellous. Not to mention the Gradas de Soaso… The obligatory photo at the waterfalls is a must! In the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park there are many other routes not to be missed.

Difficulty: Easy

Hoz Seca ravine Jaraba

(Fuente: Wikimedia Commons)

Starting from Calmarza, on the banks of the river Mesa, this circular route takes you through one of the most beautiful areas of the province of Zaragoza. One of the first surprises of the route is the discovery, partially embedded in the rock, of the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Jaraba. The hiking route is punctuated by sheepfolds, corrals and other shepherding constructions, and sheltered by the enormous rock walls of the ravine. Enjoy its beautiful unsuspected corners and its magnificent fauna. In 2009 a resident of Jaraba discovered cave paintings more than 7,000 years old.

Difficulty: Easy

Ascent to Moncayo

Las vistas desde la cima del Moncayo son un regalo de la naturaleza. (Fuente Wikiloc – autor ecmwl)

The Moncayo serves as a border between Zaragoza and Soria and climbing to its summit is a hike for almost everyone. It is not a tourist trail, but despite being a fairly easy climb. In almost five hours you can reach the summit and descend, and you will have reached an altitude of 2,314 metres. Not bad, is it?

Difficulty: moderate

Path to the source of the Pitarque River

El recorrido hasta el nacimiento del río Pitarque aúna naturaleza e historia (Fuente: Senderos Turísticos de Aragón)

A flat out-and-back route along a path that goes from Pitarque to the source of the river of the same name. The path goes through abandoned orchards until it reaches the hermitage of the Virgen de la Peña. Afterwards, a spectacular canyon of high walls rises up, modelling the course of the river. The vegetation and the presence of birds of prey are outstanding. The old hydroelectric power station with its watchtowers gives a historical and heritage touch to the walk, until you reach the outcrop of the first waters that flow on the surface.

Difficulty: Easy

Guadalaviar River Nature Trail

El Camino Natural del río Guadalaviar es un sendero atractivo para toda la familia. (Fuente: Wikiloc)

Although it is not considered a tourist trail in Aragón, its high tourist interest makes us include this trail in our selection. Framed in the Sierra de Albarracín, this quiet river trail that runs from Sn Blas to the old Arquillo dam is a magnificent walk to enjoy with the family. A 7-kilometre route with suspension bridges and footbridges.

Difficulty: easy

Do you want to know more nature routes? In Aragon we have 3 of the most striking routes with footbridges in Spain.

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