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8 plans not to be missed in 2022 in Aragon

We propose eight plans that you can not miss in 2022 in different places of Aragon. Some of these places or initiatives we have discovered during this 2021 and all of them are based on sustainable tourism, regulated activities, ecological products or that contribute to a greater extent to the welfare of the environment and citizenship.

There are eight but there could be many more. This 2022 take the opportunity to travel around Aragon and discover places you’ve never seen before. We present you exotic initiatives and plans, little known, that flee from the more traditional itineraries and very linked to our territory. 8 plans that you can not miss in 2022!

Discover the Chinese wall of Finestres

Chinese wall of Finestres.
(Photo: turismodearagon.com)

They call it the Chinese Wall, but it is in the province of Huesca, in a protected area of the Aragonese Pre-Pyrenees, specifically in the region of Ribagorza and in the Sierra del Montsec. It is a geological set formed by two strata of limestone rock, vertical, with saw edges due to erosion that are presented completely parallel. These characteristics are what give the formation the appearance of a wall. Its real name is Roques de la Vila and they are surrounded by the waters of the Canelles reservoir. In its interior was erected the Finestres Castle, of which only the Romanesque chapel of San Vicente is still standing. The place is unique for a hiking route, it is less than 15 kilometers, about 4 hours round trip and we assure you that it is one of the plans that you can not miss in 2022. The best way to access is from Estopiñán del Castillo, through a track that can be done on foot, by bike or off-road car.

The village of Finestres does not have much to see because it was completely uninhabited in the 60s. Casa Coix stands out, inhabited seasonally, which is located in front of an old oil mill and the Hermitage of San Marcos, five minutes from the village.

Tasting wine in one of the highest cellars of the peninsula.

plans not to be missed in 2022
Bodegas Bal Minuta is one of the novelties of the Tena Valley to taste quality wines in an unbeatable environment. (Photo. E. Setuáin)
We continue with uninhabited villages. Unfortunately, in Aragón there are many of them, but there are also quite a few that are trying to take off thanks to activities that enhance the value of their territory. Barbenuta (Biescas) is one of those small villages in Huesca that was depopulated at the end of the 60’s and is now trying to come back to life thanks to Pilar and Ernest’s project. Bodegas Bal Minuta is one of the places and plans that you can not miss in 2022, a project that combines organic wine of the highest in the Iberian Peninsula and love for the territory. All this in the beautiful valley of Tena, so you have a thousand plans to do before or after visiting the winery and tasting the wine.

Discover the route of the Serrablo churches.

friends of serrablo
San Pedro Lárrede Church, one of the churches recovered by the Friends of Serrablo Association. (Photo: Estrella Setuáin)

In the Serrablo area of Huesca, a fundamental effort has been made to learn about and preserve the history, geography and identity of the region. The Friends of Serrablo Association, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2021, has been in charge. A voluntary entity that has been responsible for the conservation of buildings, especially Romanesque churches in the area, which have the artistic peculiarities of the Lombard Romanesque. All of them were considered of Cultural Interest in 1982. Thanks to his work, a traditional Serrablo house was rebuilt and the Ángel Orensanz and Artes del Serrablo Museum was created there, and the Larrés Castle was restored, where the Julio Gavín Drawing Museum has been installed, the only museum specifically dedicated to contemporary Spanish drawing. A very interesting way to get to know this route is through the ethnoandadas they organize or with an app promoted by the Government of Aragon.

Throw yourself from a zip line

Hoz de Jaca zip line over the Búbal Reservoir. (Photo: turismodearagon.com)

Do you like to feel the adrenaline in your body? We have a great plan for this 2022 in Aragon. If you are a risk-taker, we suggest you to go zip-lining through Aragon. In recent years, the Aragonese community has opted for this type of attractions in different parts of the community, from north to south. The first zip line was the one in Hoz de Jaca, in the Tena Valley (Pyrenees), which opened in 2016. It is the first zip line in Spain in terms of double extreme format. It has almost a kilometer of pull and flies over the Búbal reservoir. In addition, there is a special jump version when there is a new or full moon.

Also in the Huesca Pyrenees, in Fiscal, there is another record-breaking zip line. The Ordesa Pirineo is the last one to be inaugurated in the community and it has a 2,036-meter throw and a 400-meter drop. The third high impact zip line is located in Teruel, in the town of Fuentespalda, and has become since 2019 the largest continuous double zip line in Europe. It is a 2,200-meter drop and reaches 120 kilometers per hour.

A day of fishing

plans not to be missed in 2022
Catfish fished in the Aragon Sea. (Photo: turismodearagon.com)

Aragon also stands out for its fishing areas. The cleanliness of its waters make it a favorable place for fishing and in many cases this practice is allowed. We encourage you to discover these areas in 2022 for a simple reason, the UN declared 2022 as the International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture. This is an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of artisanal fishing and small-scale aquaculture, which includes especially women and youth.

Perfect places to consider for your fishing getaway are the Sotonera Reservoir, the Santa Ana Reservoir, the Emblase de Valdabra (one of the first in Spain to have a fishing platform for people with reduced mobility) or the Arguis Reservoir, all in Huesca. In Zaragoza, the imposing Sea of Aragon is a must-see. It has more than 500 kilometers of coastline and depths exceeding 60 meters. For this reason alone, this large body of water is home to a large and varied number of species that attract fishermen from all over Europe. In Teruel, the Estanca de Alcañiz, the Santolea Reservoir or the Calanda Reservoir stand out.

If you are not a fisherman and do not have a fishing license (compulsory in Aragon to practice this activity), you can always enjoy some of these places doing other types of tourist activities. In the Sea of Aragon or in La Sotonera there is a proliferation of water sports.

Looking out of the Sima de San Pedro

plans not to be missed in 2022
The Sima de San Pedro from the viewpoint. (Photo: Estrella Setuáin)

Located in Oliete (Bajo Aragón), it is one of the most valuable chasms in Europe. Due to its dimensions and its geological value, the San Pedro sinkhole is considered unique in Europe. It is 80 meters in diameter and 86 meters deep, plus the 22 meters of its interior lake. This space is also special for the variety of animals and plants that inhabit it, 25 species of vertebrates such as mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians, including a large colony of bats. Not only is it a special place for its value and the image that you will be able to admire from its viewpoint, suspended in the void (it will leave you speechless), but the route that leads from Oliete to the Sima de San Pedro is a very friendly path that leads to the Iberian settlement of Cabezo de San Pedro, a protected archaeological area that holds a fortress with more than 2000 years and the tower, in height preserved, the oldest in Spain.

Back in Oliete you can get to know the sustainable tourism project Apadrina un olivo, which through the recovery of centenary olive trees contributes to fight against depopulation, generates employment and promotes a totally sustainable tourism.

Visit the Crystal Caves

Crystal Caves in Molinos. (Photo: turismodearagon.com)

We are still quite close to Oliete, only 40 minutes away. Therefore, another area of geological interest to visit this great 2022 is located next to the town of Molinos in Teruel. There you will find an authentic Natural Monument quite unknown in Aragon: the Crystal Caves. This natural museum is a journey into the interior of the earth, a cave with small rooms connected by galleries full of stalactites and stalagmites, as well as fossil and living fauna. Like the Sima de San Pedro, it is of great geological value due to the endokarst formations generated by the water that oozes from the walls and ceiling.

The caves, discovered in 1961, house the oldest hominid burial site in Aragon. It is recommended to consult the calendar and schedules for the visit.

A day of disconnection at the Dag Shang Kagyu Buddhist Center in Panillo.

Aerial view of the Buddhist complex of Panillo, near Graus. (Photo: turismodearagon.com)

Another of the plans that you can not miss this 2022 in Aragon is the Buddhist Center of Panillo, a few kilometers from Graus. This temple is a very visited place in Aragon for its exotic character in the middle of the landscape of the Ribargoza, but this year it becomes a very special visit because on Monday, May 16, 2022 is celebrated worldwide the Vesak Day, also known as “Visakha Puja” or “Buddha Day”. It is the holiest day in the Buddhist calendar. It commemorates the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and passing away. On this date millions of Buddhists go to temples and make offerings. Make a note on your calendar of May 16 or a date close to it because it will surely be a good time to visit.

This Buddhist center offers retreats and seminars for the practice of meditation, yoga, mindfulness, chi kung, Tibetan Buddhism with the DSK Lamas, guided tours, as well as other free admission activities.

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