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Albarracín (Teruel) filming location for an international sports reality show for a major content platform

The bouldering area of Albarracín has hosted during the last few days the filming of a climbing program of American production, which has had the guidance and advice of the Province of Teruel Film Commission of the Diputación de Teruel (DPT). This production will be broadcasted worldwide through one of the most relevant international content platforms.

The production team of the program contacted the DPT service two months ago to analyze the technical feasibility of developing a chapter in the characteristic rock of Teruel’s rodeno, compared to other options in the national territory. After several reconnaissance visits to the area and after knowing the high awareness of the local institutions with the filming, the production company chose the area of the Sierra de Albarracín to develop the recording.

A team of 80 people participated in the filming, to which were added half a dozen local hires and several service companies from Teruel. It has meant an additional economic impact on the territory during this December long weekend, with outstanding figures, such as the 600 hotel nights that have been contracted in the capital of Teruel, Albarracín and nearby areas such as Jiloca.

International projection

The deputy of Culture and Tourism and delegate of the Film Commission, Diego Piñeiro, stressed the importance of this type of productions choosing the province, “as they generate a relevant economic activity and give us international projection”, he said, referring to the worldwide promotion that will reach both Albarracín and its climbing areas through “an ambitious program that will be seen all over the world”.

From the province of Teruel Film Commission there has been a continuous monitoring and advice with the production on all issues related to the territory. The City Council of Albarracín has been committed to hosting the filming and the General Directorate of Natural and Forestry Environment of the Government of Aragon, together with the Provincial Directorate, have worked on environmental control and the efficient management of permits to carry out the activity in this protected landscape. In addition, they have collaborated with the Film Office of the Comarca de Albarracín in the search for hotel resources.

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