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Ami Yerewolo: The revolutionary voice of Malian rap comes to the Música al Raso Festival

Rap is a musical genre that has been used as a powerful tool of expression and protest in different parts of the world. Ami Yerewolo, known as the revolutionary voice of Malian rap, has taken this style to new heights with her powerful message and unique style. She is one of the star performances of this edition of Música al Raso.

Ami Yerewolo, whose real name is Aminata Yerewolo Traoré, was born and raised in Bamako, Mali. From an early age, she showed an interest in music and began writing lyrics and composing her own songs. Inspired by her surroundings and the social realities facing her country, she decided to use rap as a way to convey messages of change and empowerment.

After studying medicine and finance, Ami Yerewolo formed the female hip hop singing band “Natty Girls”. Later, she joined the collective “223 Crew”, founded by Yéli Fuzo. In 2013, she got her degree in finance, but her passion for music took her on a different path.
In 2014, she released her debut album “Naissance” (“Birth”), an important milestone in her career. This album marked a new turning point in her music, fusing hip hop with traditional Mandinka music and other genres to create a unique sound that reflects her identity and roots.

In his professional career, Ami Yerewolo has collaborated with various artists and participated in numerous international festivals, bringing his music and message to audiences around the world. Her unique style combines traditional African rhythms with hip-hop and reggae influences, creating a unique and captivating fusion.

Ami Yerewolo’s discography includes several albums and singles, including “Tribute to Amadou”, “Je vous ai compris” and “Rapou Kanu”. Her songs address issues such as gender equality, the fight against violence and oppression, and the importance of education. Through her lyrics, Ami Yerewolo has become an inspirational voice for women and youth in her country and beyond.

In addition to her musical talent, Ami Yerewolo is a committed activist who advocates for the rights of orphans, women, and human rights. In 2017, she organized the “Mali A Des Rappeuses” concert to support young female artists and denounce the difficulties they face in the local hip hop community. Her dedication to social causes demonstrates her commitment to justice and equality.

Ami Yerewolo’s career has been recognized internationally. In 2017, she placed second in the prestigious RFI New Talent Award from French radio. In 2018, she released her second album “Mon combat” (“My Struggle”), which includes collaborations with prominent African artists. Her participation in the “Les Amazones d’Afrique” project gave her the opportunity to perform at major European festivals, consolidating her career internationally.

His latest album, “AY”, released in October 2020, has received praise from the French media and further cemented his position as an influential figure on the contemporary music scene. The single “Je gère” (“I run”) became a standout hit and caught the attention of media outlets such as RFI, PAM and Nova.

Ami Yerewolo’s performance at the Música al Raso Festival in Zaragoza promises to be a highlight of the event. Her stage presence, overwhelming energy and commitment to social justice will captivate the Zaragozan audience. It will be a unique opportunity to experience the powerful connection between music and the struggle for a better world.

In conclusion, Ami Yerewolo has left an indelible mark on the world of rap and African music with his unique style and message of change. His performance at the Música al Raso Festival in Zaragoza will be an unparalleled opportunity to witness his talent live and immerse yourself in his exciting musical world. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this outstanding artist in action.

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