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ARPA pioneer in the development of green energy, incorporates the first green forklift in Spain

ARPA continues to advance in sustainability and, specifically, in green energy with the acquisition of the first green hydrogen forklift in Spain.

In such a way that ARPA performs in its own facilities, the generation of hydrogen by surplus of its renewables, compression, and dispensing of green hydrogen, continuing in this way with the decarbonization of its company.

The hydrogen forklift has been delivered by the Aragonese company SERMA, official dealer of Linde MH in Aragon and Soria, leaders in integrated logistics solutions. It is the first hydrogen forklift delivered in Spain, marking another milestone in its history of innovation and sustainability. As pioneers in the sale of hydrogen forklifts, SERMA continues to provide solutions to reduce or eliminate the carbon footprint in logistics.

Of the three main green hydrogen dispensing points operating in Spain, ARPA’s is one of the most effective. And the only one in Aragon that has dispensed this type of industrial vehicles, as well as cars and buses.

The green hydrogen fuel cell that moves the forklift and the green hydrogen dispensing in the company itself, creates a double zero effect. Zero waste, zero emissions. The trucks operate with zero emissions, as water is the only waste product of the process. The use of “green hydrogen” makes the entire hydrogen life cycle carbon neutral. With no toxic chemicals, the trucks are safe for operators.

This new-generation hydrogen fuel cell system has a long service life and requires little maintenance. There is no loss of performance during use, and opportunity refueling is possible without damaging the life of the fuel cell.

Dispensing takes only 2-3 minutes, giving an autonomy of more than 12 hours, and there is no need to change the battery. Hydrogen can be stored in several different ways and does not require a dedicated charging area or a dedicated venting system. This makes the hydrogen fuel cell a highly productive option.

Dispensing can be done both outdoors and indoors, and at low temperatures at any time. The tanks can be retrofitted to existing equipment and do not take up excessive space.

ARPA has opted for 48v hydrogen fuel cells for its forklifts, this being the first of the acquisitions made by the company, which intends to gradually renew its vehicles.

Jesús Montero, industrial engineer responsible for the innovation area where ARPA’s new hydrogen solutions are developed, states: “We could say that we are the only ones in Spain to close the full circle of hydrogen generation by surplus renewables, compression, storage and dispensing, with solutions designed and integrated by ARPA, all the result of much work in recent years, and the support of ARPA’s excellent multidisciplinary team and its CEO”.

César Fernández, CEO of ARPA, states: “With this new investment, replicable and scalable, ARPA takes another step forward in the path of innovation focused on the environment and competitiveness, demonstrating with facts that the path towards sustainability in the Aragonese industry is compatible with the day-to-day operations of our company”.

Fernando Aguilar, SERMA’s commercial technician, states: “This hydrogen truck is proof of our commitment to innovation and the search for sustainable solutions for the logistics industry. Zero emissions, greater efficiency, fast refueling and less maintenance with the consequent lower costs, are advantages to be taken into account when betting on this technology. From Serma we want to lead this change towards a more environmentally friendly logistics ̈.

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