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Exploring Business Opportunities in Japan: Business Opportunities in Japan conference in Zaragoza tomorrow

Welcome to the second day of the series of conferences on business opportunities in Asia, organized by the international newspaper GoAragón! On this occasion, we will explore the fascinating business opportunities in Japan, a leading economic and technological power.

Tomorrow, Wednesday September 20th at 16:30H at Espacio XPLORA, in Zaragoza.

Get ready for a day full of valuable information and insights as you immerse yourself in the Japanese business world. Meet our featured speakers, experts in the country.

GoAragon japan business

Presentation and Welcome

+José Ignacio Toro Catalá: Head of Foreign Trade and Business Development at Ibercaja Corporate Banking.
+Alfredo Cortés: Founder and Director of GoAragón.
Outstanding Speeches

+Julio Díaz-Terán – Senior Economist of the Embassy of Japan in Spain. He will present “Japan and Aragon: Economic Situation and Business Opportunities”.
+Dr. Mario Malo – Associate Professor in the Master of Global East Asian Studies, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Collaborating Professor in the Master of Japanese Studies, University of Zaragoza. His lecture is entitled “Intercultural Communication and Negotiation Strategies in Japan: A Sociocultural Approach”.
+Jaime J. Navarro – Partner at Navarro Llima Abogados S.L., business consultant in Japan.

Immerse yourself in the Japanese Business Culture

This conference is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Japanese business culture and discover the keys to success in this dynamic and competitive market. We encourage you to register as soon as possible to secure your place in this second day of the Asia Business Opportunities Conference Series, focusing on Japan.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from the experts and make key connections that will propel you to business success in Japan. We look forward to seeing you on this exciting day!


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