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7 places to enjoy the Perseids this summer

The universe offers us one of the most exciting astronomical events of the year: the Perseids, a celestial spectacle full of magic and dazzling shooting stars. Aragon, a jewel in northern Spain, offers the perfect backdrop to enjoy this wonderful cosmic phenomenon.

The Tears of San Lorenzo, also known as the Perseids, are one of the most spectacular meteor showers of the year. Their name comes from the fact that they reach their maximum splendor around August 10, St. Lawrence Day, and their luminous trail in the sky is reminiscent of bright tears.

One of the wonders of the Perseids is that they are visible from all over the northern hemisphere during the summer. This allows people from different regions to have the opportunity to marvel at this celestial phenomenon no matter where they are. Aragon is a privileged territory to observe this phenomenon due to its clear skies. In the three provinces you can find different destinations from which to enjoy this star shower.

These meteors travel at amazing speeds, exceeding 50 kilometers per second. Their high speed and activity rate, which can reach 200 meteors per hour at the maximum peak, make the Perseids an impressive and exciting spectacle for skywatchers.

Every year, thousands of people gather at different observation points to enjoy this shooting star shower, as it is a unique opportunity to connect with the universe and contemplate the beauty and magnificence of the cosmos. We leave you 7 here, but certainly in Aragon we are fortunate to have many special places where you can contemplate the sky and enjoy the stars.

1.Mirador de los Buitres – Huesca: Located in the Sierra de Guara, this viewpoint offers a panoramic view of the night sky, perfect for watching shooting stars in a unique natural environment.

2. Loarre Castle – Huesca: A historical treasure from the 11th century that, during the Perseid season, becomes a unique setting to combine the majesty of the heritage with the celestial splendor.

Aitor Borruel garata Photo: Flickr.com
3. Javalambre Observatory – Teruel: Designed specifically for astronomical observation, this observatory will allow you to enjoy the Perseids with state-of-the-art telescopes and expert knowledge.

Astrotourism aragon Perseids

4. Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park – Huesca: Away from light pollution, this national park offers a clear and starry sky to delight you with the dazzling spectacle of the Perseids.

5. Monasterio de Piedra – Zaragoza: Surrounded by beautiful gardens and waterfalls, the Monasterio de Piedra invites you to contemplate the serenity of the place while the sky is illuminated by shooting stars.

6. La Sotonera Reservoir – Huesca: With its calm waters reflecting the sky, this reservoir offers a unique experience to appreciate the Perseids in an idyllic setting.

7. Geological Park of Aliaga – Teruel: In this fascinating geological environment, enjoy the Perseids in all their magnitude while the terrestrial landscape merges with the mystery of the starry sky.

With these magnificent places in Aragon, your connection with the cosmos and the awe of the Perseids will reach new heights. Get ready for an unforgettable experience as the night sky lights up with the brilliance of shooting stars – don’t miss this unique opportunity to marvel at the grandeur of the universe!

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