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Discover the Castle of Valderrobres

The origin of this castle dates back to the late twelfth century and is characterized mainly for being one of the most outstanding fortresses of the Gothic culture that exists in Aragon. Likewise, it stands out for the fact that it has an impressive facade and classical elements that give a picturesque air to the main building.

Best of all, when visiting this destination, you will realize that the castle alone is not the only attraction available, but there are also a number of activities that will allow you to make the most of this experience in the mode of your choice.
It is for this reason that in this opportunity we want to show you everything you can do when visiting the Castle of Valderrobres so you can live an extraordinary experience during your stay in the town of Aragon with its unusual destinations, full of great history, culture and tradition.

What to do in Valderrobres Castle

Valderrobres. Matarraña
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There are a number of activities available in this castle that go beyond the traditional tour, therefore, you can be completely sure that you will enjoy an experience that suits your needs and that will allow you to learn all kinds of details and curious facts about this town:

Get to know the interior of the Castle and the Church of Valderrobres

Although the main attraction of this destination is the Castle of Valderrobres, this does not mean that the other relevant destinations that are located in the same space are not relevant. For this reason, you can take an additional tour of the church that also has access through the castle, especially for those who have some kind of difficulty.
Afterwards, the general tour of the castle begins, allowing you to get to know this monument floor by floor without missing any detail. Once you have finished this second tour, you go to the battlements, where you can take magical and wonderful photographs and enjoy a quiet and pleasant atmosphere. It can be said that this tour is quite general, because it seeks to offer a broad view of what happens in the enclosure so that each person is free to decide which details arouse their interest, with the possibility of making other visits later.

Complete tour of the Castle of Valderrobres

This is the most suitable option for those groups that are interested in knowing all the details about the architecture and history of the place. It is a very complete visit where each and every detail and historical data of this tourist destination is exposed.
You can start the tour from the stone bridge to begin a great adventure worth remembering. The continuous visit includes emblematic spaces inside, passing by the church of Santa María la Mayor and the battlements.
Best of all, this tour adapts to the ages and characteristics of the groups attending, in fact, it is possible to schedule visits for school groups or groups of a certain age, thus obtaining a tour with content that adapts to the conditions of the group. It is also possible to enjoy some special activities such as theaters and stories that are presented especially for children, which makes this experience much more enjoyable for the little ones of the house.

Meet the Hall of Fireplaces

This is one of the specific points that should be known when visiting this castle, because it is one of the most emblematic sites. Inside you will find a total of 3 classic fireplaces and 5 windows that will allow you to enjoy the internal and external environment of the castle in the same space.
Just to one side is the kitchen, which according to the history and distribution of the place allowed to serve the food and take it to the living room quickly so that diners could enjoy the most delicious dishes. You can also find an oven, pantry and, of course, some water.
From this point, you can also access other rooms, in fact, you can continue up the stairs and go up to the patio on the second floor, which is a place worth admiring. Undoubtedly, each space of this castle has something to offer, for this reason, we invite you, if you have any particular interest regarding any room, do not forget that you can have access to them and delve even deeper into certain data.

Enjoy the free visit

If you prefer to take a free tour, which will allow you to filter according to your preferences which rooms deserve more attention or are a priority, this is the perfect option, as it allows visitors to make decisions that allow them to enjoy their stay even more.
To do this, the castle offers an audiovisual tour that can be delimited by the user, in this sense, the multimedia or digital content allows the visitor to know all the details related to the history and tradition of this monument.

Do not forget that you can also enjoy the outdoor spaces that are located around the castle, getting wonderful views and even with the possibility of accessing new destinations near the Castle of Valderrobres and its surroundings.

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