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Discovering the history and charm of the castles of the province of Huesca

The province of Huesca, located in northeastern Spain, is a treasure trove of history and natural beauty. Its lands are home to an impressive collection of medieval castles, fortresses and towers that take us back in time. From the Muslim era to the Reconquest and the creation of the Kingdom of Aragon, these castles have witnessed important historical events and offer panoramic views that delight visitors. In this article, we invite you to embark on a fascinating journey through eleven castles that will immerse you in the cultural and architectural richness of the province of Huesca.

Throughout the length and breadth of the province of Huesca, we find a variety of castles that deserve to be explored. These defensive structures, strategically built on hills and mountains, protected the lands from invaders and have left an indelible mark on the history of the region. Join us on this exciting route through eleven of the most outstanding castles in Huesca, where you will immerse yourself in the grandeur of their architecture and discover the legends and events that took place within their walls.

castles of the province of Huesca
Loarre Castle (Photo: TwEl Tarro de Heno)

We begin our tour in the imposing Loarre Castle, considered one of the most important in the province and one of the best preserved in Europe. Located on a crag overlooking the Hoya de Huesca region, this 11th century Romanesque castle has been the setting for films and series thanks to its beauty and authenticity.

We continue to Monzón Castle, a fortress of Arab origin that stands majestically on a high hill, offering panoramic views of Monte Perdido in the Pyrenees. With a rich history that spans from the tenth century to the twentieth century, this castle declared of Cultural Interest transports us to past times and keeps the sword of El Cid as one of its most precious treasures.

In the picturesque village of Ainsa, we find the Castle of Ainsa, whose location in the center of the village offers breathtaking views of its surroundings. Built in the 11th century to defend the region from the Muslims, this castle has witnessed the history of the region and now houses an eco-museum that immerses us in its fascinating past.

A short distance from the capital of Huesca is the Castle of Montearagón, built by Sancho Ramírez in the 11th century. With its privileged location on Mount Aragon, this castle controlled more than 100 churches and villages, becoming an important religious and military center. From its walls, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the region and the Sierra de Guara.

Photo: https://benabarreturismo.es/castillo-de-benabarre-2020/

In the charming municipality of Benabarre, we discover the Castle of Benabarre, an ancient fortress of Muslim origin that was conquered by Ramiro I of Aragon in the tenth century. With its three fortified enclosures, a cistern and a church, this castle takes us back to medieval times and shows us the architectural transformation over the centuries.

The Collegiate Church of Santa María la Mayor in Alquézar houses the remains of the ancient Castle of Alquézar, an 11th century fortress that was converted into a Christian fortress by Sancho Ramírez. Surrounded by the Natural Park of the Sierra and Canyons of Guara, this castle offers an exceptional panoramic view and invites us to explore its chapel, towers and walls.

castles of the province of Huesca
Abizanda Castle. Photo: romanicoaragones.com

In the town of Abizanda, we find the Abizanda Castle, built by order of Sancho III in 1023 to defend against the Muslims. Although its tower has been rebuilt on several occasions, this castle stands out for its location and the exhibition of religious art that it houses inside.

The Citadel of Jaca, formerly known as the Castle of San Pedro, is a unique castle that combines elements of Italian design with a unique design. Built by Philip II in 1592 to defend against the French, this fortress has been restored and houses a museum of military miniatures that delights both children and adults.

Castle of Biniés photo: https://www.turismojacetania.com

The small municipality of Biniés is home to the charming Biniés Castle, protected as a historical monument since 1949. With its 12th century Gothic remains and its four towers, this castle offers panoramic views of the Ansó valley and invites us to immerse ourselves in its history and architectural beauty.

On the outskirts of the town of Samitier is the Samitier Castle, a military and religious complex consisting of a tower and a Romanesque chapel. Although it is a bit deteriorated, this castle delights us with remains of walls and the possibility of exploring both the church and the tower.

Finally, we arrive at the Castle of Fantova, located in the Pre-Pyrenees of Huesca and on the edge of a cliff. Built in the eleventh century to ensure the defense of the border with the Muslims, this castle surrounded by walls and dominated by a tower transports us to a time full of mystery and charm.

We conclude our tour of the castles of Huesca, leaving behind a fascinating collection of historical structures that immerse us in the past of the province. Each of these castles tells a unique story and invites us to enjoy breathtaking views, as well as to explore their architecture and learn about the historical events that marked their existence. The province of Huesca is a true treasure trove for lovers of history and architectural beauty, and these castles are timeless witnesses to its glorious past.

castles of the province of Huesca

Whether you are interested in medieval history, architecture or simply want to enjoy breathtaking landscapes, the castles of Huesca will captivate you with their charm and majesty. Step inside these witnesses of the past and marvel at their grandeur and historical significance.

In the province of Huesca, the castles are not only imposing structures, but also true treasures that connect us with the history and culture of the region. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit these magnificent castles and discover the beauty and legacy they hold. Your trip to Huesca will be an unforgettable experience full of history, breathtaking landscapes and fascinating adventures in the past!

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