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Download the recipes of the 6 star chefs of GoAragón 2022

Discover 6 star recipes from top chefs from Aragon

Meet them in these interviews and download in the link the pdf with all the recipes.

If you like Spanish cuisine and specifically Aragonese cuisine you can download here a pdf with the recipes of the 6 Aragonese chefs that we have selected this year.
6 chefs of the highest level and recognized national and international prestige.
Recipes of their star dishes from their restaurants

Download the recipes by clicking on the photo.

aragonese gastronomy recipes
Aragonese gastronomy 6 recipes

Interview with Clara Cros Lacal – Rest La Rebotica

Interview with José Antonio Escartín. Restaurant Casa Escartín

Interview with Rubén Catalán. Torre del Visco Restaurant

Interview with Fabiana Arévalo. Baudilio Restaurant

Interview with Eduardo Salanova. Restaurant. Espacio N

Interview with Carmelo Bosque, Lillas Pastia Restaurant.

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