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Erasmus in Zaragoza: favorite places for foreign students

The University of Zaragoza is among the favorite destinations of Erasmus students who choose the capital as the perfect place to live the experience. From Go Aragón, we tell you which are the favorite and most liked places in the city.

The University of Zaragoza is among the top ten options for foreign students who embark on this Erasmus adventure in Spain. The geographical location of the Aragonese capital makes it a privileged enclave just 300 kilometers from major Spanish cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Bilbao. There are many reasons why they choose Zaragoza, but there are three basic factors that influence their decision: the language, the lifestyle and the wide cultural and leisure offer.

Another of the attractions they see in Zaragoza when choosing it as a destination is its size. Despite being the fifth most populated city in Spain, the capital of Zaragoza knows how to find the perfect balance between an ideal mobility, leaving aside the stress of the big cities, but without losing the wide and rich offer of activities and places to see, so that getting bored here will never be an option.

In addition, the degrees offered by the University of Zaragoza enjoy a certain prestige among the world’s universities, something difficult to achieve for a public campus and for a country like Spain. For these reasons and many more, Erasmus students exceeded 3,000 students in pre-pandemic figures. Currently, the University of Zaragoza is trying to regain normality and has already reached 1,000 Erasmus students in this academic year 2021/2022.

From Go Aragón, we tell you which are the favorite places of foreign students in Zaragoza:

Casco Viejo, the essence of Zaragoza

The place par excellence of the nightlife in Zaragoza is the Casco Viejo, the network of narrow streets full of bars, pubs and nightclubs in the center of the city. Temple Street is the main artery of nightlife in the Old Town. El Jardín del Temple, Manolo la Nuit, Parros or Espit Chupitos are some of the jewels that this street holds and that you cannot miss. Although the best thing is that you get into this lively and bright atmosphere and discover the secrets of each place.

Casco Antiguo. (Foto: arainfo.org)

AEGEE is the largest student association in Europe with local groups (called antennas) in the different university cities. From Zaragoza, this association is in charge of organizing activities, including night outings in the Old Town for Erasmus students. A unique opportunity translated into the best option to immerse yourself fully in the Erasmus atmosphere and get to know different cultures of other students who will accompany you.

Parque Grande, a bucolic environment

This green space becomes a meeting point for foreign students. With more than 44 hectares, the Parque Grande José Antonio Labordeta becomes a great green lung of the city for all kinds of outdoor activities. From strolling and enjoying the environment, renting bicycles, relaxing reading a book or preparing a picnic away from the noise of the city, to visiting the Botanical Garden or visiting the museums that this park houses.

Parque Grande José Antonio Labordeta. (Foto: aragonmusical.com)

But without a doubt, the favorite plan for Erasmus students is to climb the statue of Alfonso I El Batallador and contemplate the panoramic view that this place offers when the sun goes down, as well as the staircase illuminated with magical colors. This peaceful environment where tranquility is breathed also has numerous terraces to cool off and meet with friends.

“The City”, university atmosphere everywhere

The epicenter of young students is in the university city, located near the San Francisco Campus. At the gates of the faculties, there is a wide range of bars and pubs where you can enjoy a beer in the sun on the terraces. The atmosphere that surrounds the main street (Pedro Cerbuna Street) exudes fun, laughter and youth wherever you go.

Bar Erasmus in La City. (Foto: Bar Erasmus)

The inexpensive Provenzal, the cozy Tuno, the classic London, the delicious Bocatart or the typical Erasmus bar are some of the jewels of the City, center of meetings between friends and complete on any day of the week. Around this block, you will find the most frequented pubs by students at night in Zaragoza. If you are looking for accommodation in Zaragoza, do not hesitate to find it in this area, as most of the student apartments are located in this neighborhood.

Expo, modernity and nature on the banks of the Ebro River

The course of the Aragonese capital changed completely when the International Exposition of Zaragoza was held in 2008 under the theme “Water and sustainable development”. The architectural jewels bequeathed to us by this fair make it today a unique place to enjoy nature and the outdoors on the banks of the Ebro River.

Among its varied options, you can visit one of the largest river aquariums in Europe, sit on the largest bench in the world to watch the sunset trees over the river, or enjoy live music in the Amphitheater and other events in the Congress Palace. Don’t hesitate to stop and observe the “Soul of the Ebro”, a 12-meter statue made of steel letters.

Recinto Expo. (Foto: turismodearagon.com)

The three most modern bridges in Zaragoza are also located in this area. One of them, and the star of the Expo, is the Pavilion Bridge, completely pedestrian and the only habitable bridge in Spain, as well as one of the few in the world. Considered the Ponte Vecchio of the 21st century, it currently serves as the headquarters of Mobility City.

El Tubo, the best gastronomic offer in the capital city.

Also located in the nooks and crannies of the Old Town, this area is ideal for tapas surrounded by friends, beers and good food. In the heart of the historic center of Zaragoza, its narrow streets are a hive of people who continue their route from bar to bar tasting the most traditional tapas to the most avant-garde.

El Tubo (Foto: zaragozago.com)

A good start for beginners in this Zaragoza itinerary is Estébanes street with bars like Bodegas Almau, La Ternasca or El Truco. If you continue down the street, you will find classics like El Champi with its traditional montados de champiñones or Taberna Doña Casta, where their croquettes take center stage (they are amazing!). There are many bars that you will find in El Tubo, but the best way to discover them is to wander through these streets.

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