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GoAragón: Media Partner of the X International Congress of the Japan Research Group

At GoAragón, we are committed to celebrating and promoting diversity and cultural and business richness around the world. That is why we are pleased to announce our collaboration as Media Partner of the X International Congress of the Japan Research Group.

This congress, which will take place from October 25-27, 2023, is an outstanding event that aims to analyze the Japanese reality from various disciplines in the context of the 21st century. This year’s central theme is “Japan, an influential country: its contributions from the perspective of the 21st century”.

GoAragón’s association with this congress is a reflection of our commitment to providing our readers with an enriching view of Japanese culture and society, as well as the significant contributions Japan has made and continues to make to the modern world.

GoAragon international events japan

Through our collaboration as Media Partner, we will have a front-row seat to present our readers with the most stimulating ideas, the most relevant debates and the most influential voices that will emerge from this international event. We will explore how Japan has influenced society, both from a social and cultural perspective as well as from a technical and technological perspective.

This congress is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the deep knowledge of experts on Japan and its role in the contemporary world. GoAragón is committed to providing comprehensive and exclusive coverage that will shed light on Japan‘s contributions from a 21st century perspective.

Stay connected with GoAragón as we explore the cultural and intellectual riches this congress has to offer. We are excited to be Media Partner of the 10th International Congress of the Japan Research Group and look forward to sharing this unique experience with our readers. Knowledge and culture have no borders!

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