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23 julio 2024

Gourmet foods and wines from Aragon are exhibited to Swiss professionals.

@aragonexterior and @aragonalimentos coordinate the participation of 5 producers in the Spanish Pantry Festival of @ICEX

Aragón Exterior and Aragón Alimentos are coordinating the participation of five Aragonese producers in the Spanish Pantry Festival in Switzerland, an exhibition of gourmet foods, wines and Spanish beverages organized by ICEX at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Zurich.

The event, which takes place between today and tomorrow, is allowing Aragonese producers to show their offer to Swiss professionals such as representatives of the Horeca channel, importers, prescribers or culinary school teachers.

Aragon is showing the quality of its wines and gourmet products in Switzerland. Today began the Spanish Pantry Festival in Switzerland, organized by ICEX at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Zurich, in which five Aragonese companies are participating with the support of Aragón Exterior and Aragón Alimentos. Bodegas Osca, Bodegas La Cerrada, Aceites Salz y Salz, Jamones Casa Conejos and truffles and truffle products from Manjares de la Tierra have traveled to Switzerland to present their offer.
Each of the Aragonese companies has a table where they are exhibiting several references from their catalog. During the event, seminars on wines, beverages and foodstuffs are also being held at the hotel to give visibility to the products on display. In addition, Aragonese companies will participate tomorrow in a tour of a selection of outlets in Zurich.

The main importers and distributors of gourmet foods in Switzerland are participating in the Spanish Pantry Festival, as well as wine and beverage professionals from the Horeca channel, culinary school teachers and gastronomic prescribers. For this event, Spanish Michelin-starred chefs and sommeliers have traveled to Switzerland to offer an authentic and select Spanish gastronomic offer.

Professional public

In addition to increasing agri-food exports to the Swiss market, the objective of this event organized by ICEX is to increase the level of knowledge and image of Spanish wines and gourmet foods among the Swiss professional public as well as the specialized press.

Switzerland is one of the main destination markets for the export of quality gourmet products. Artisanal and healthy products are increasingly consumed in the country, especially organic products, being the world leader in per capita spending on organic food.

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