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Idoo Tech, a commitment to integrate the Apple brand in the business sector

iDoo Tech, a project formed by the union of the companies iDoo and Inycom, aims to become the reference for the implementation of Apple devices in Spanish companies. Headquartered in Zaragoza, it has offices in more than a dozen cities in the country, from where it offers consulting and training services.

iDoo Tech has just been born, but iDoo Tech wants to position itself as the main Apple integrator in the business sector. The goal is to transfer the success and market share that the brand has in Spain in private consumption to the corporate world, so that more and more companies can count on it in their organization.

It is a recent project, but not lacking in experience. In fact, it is supported by two internationally recognized companies. On the one hand, iDoo, responsible for K-tuin, the largest official Apple distributor in Europe; and on the other hand, Inycom, specialized in information technology solutions. Two Aragonese companies that come together to fill the growth space that the Apple brand has ahead in the professional environment. This is how Rafa Cayuelas, CEO of iDoo Tech explains it: “There is a brutal difference in the penetration of Apple in the Spanish business world, if we compare it with the United States. There it is 25% and here it is 5%. And this is a particularly good moment because companies have become aware of the importance of accelerating digitalization”.

For this process, Apple is a safe bet, Cayuelas explains: “It provides solutions in an ecosystem with a common denominator. Phones, iPads and computers share elements that guarantee solid operation and more extensive security precepts than any other manufacturer”. But, he says, its advantages go beyond the technical, “Apple brings happiness to employees and companies.

For all these reasons, iDoo Tech offers it as the technological solution for “any company that wants to improve its productive tools and develop in a secure environment”, among other things because of its ease of deployment: “Thanks to the Zero-Touch system, when employees unseal their terminals, they are already configured with the necessary tools and permissions”, explains the head of iDoo Tech.

Consulting and support from implementation to excellence

The service offered by iDoo Tech covers from the moment the devices are turned on for the first time until they are fully integrated into the company’s environment: “A specialized technician makes a specific proposal for the potential customer, with the aim of solving their needs. And from there there is a deployment of Apple certified technicians who are in charge of providing support”.

To advise the company on the purchase of equipment, iDoo Tech has the Try & Buy program, which provides the customer with devices configured according to their needs, in addition to the advice of a technician to guide the process of using the tools and adapting to the dynamics of each company.

Once the equipment to be used has been chosen, they accompany the company in the implementation process, giving special importance to training. For this purpose, they have iDoo Academy, a platform to train workers and managers in Apple tools.

In the photo, iDoo Tech’s managers. The company, headquartered in Zaragoza, already has offices in 11 provinces of Spain.

“We also have solution and application developers, cybersecurity experts or a tool to facilitate digital signatures in secure environments,” adds Cayuelas, to complete a service with which they expect to bill 30 million euros in three years.

A project with Apple DNA

The 25 years of experience with K-tuin are a sure value when it comes to managing the brand, guarantees the CEO of iDoo Tech: “We have Apple DNA, we have been able to develop business within the Apple environment and we know that the key is to understand the customer and what the brand wants to project. We try to live up to its excellence when it relates to consumers”.

At present, the company, based in Zaragoza, has offices in 11 other provinces, a coverage that, according to Cayuelas, “is sufficient to guarantee the development of our next objectives”.

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