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Interview with Alejandra Ledesma, BeInternational Mobility student at San Jorge University of Zaragoza

Interview with Alejandra Ledesma, BeInternational Mobility student at the San Jorge University of Zaragoza.

From GoAragón we wanted to see the Aragonese capital from the eyes of outsiders who visit or enjoy the city of Zaragoza for a while. Therefore, we have conducted interviews with students from different mobility programs in Zaragoza (BeInternational, Eramus+ and SICUE) to tell us about what their life is like in the city, their favorite places, where they enjoy eating, if they would recommend the city to come to live and what other places in Aragon and getaways they know.

Alejandra Ledesma (Mexico City, Mexico)

Alejandra Ledesma is a student of BeInternational Mobility at the Universidad San Jorge de Zaragoza. She is from Mexico City, studies communication and has been living in Zaragoza since August 2022.

Why did you choose Zaragoza as your destination?

When I started looking at destinations for my mobility program, it was clear to me that I wanted to spend some time living in Spain; I was always very interested in what life was like here. Zaragoza was the city that had the school that had an agreement with my school and that is why I chose the city as my destination.

What was your impression of the city during the first days?

The truth is that at the beginning I kind of thought it was a very small city, but as I got to know it I discovered that it wasn’t and that every day you had something different to do, even though it wasn’t as big as where I come from (Mexico City).

When friends and family come to visit you, what are the three must-see places in the city?

When I had a friend I took her to the Parque Grande, to the Palacio de la Aljafería and, since it was Pilares, I took her to all the events of the Fiestas del Pilar. I also took her to the Basilica del Pilar, to go for a walk downtown, etc. The truth is that Zaragoza is a very nice city to walk around and get to know walking through its streets.

If you had to choose a café, bar or restaurant in Zaragoza, what would it be?

In the Plaza San Francisco there is a cafe called Café del Momo, I really like to visit it and have a coffee in the middle of the morning. The place is very nice and cozy and it’s always a good place to stop and recharge energy for the day. In general, the cafes in Plaza San Francisco are amazing and I really enjoy visiting them.

What is your favorite thing to do in the city?

Without any kind of doubt my favorite plan is to go to Parque Grande, I love to go for a walk there, I go almost every morning. It is a very quiet place and there are always people playing sports, walking and with their dogs and great to go either with friends or without company to have a good time at any time of the day.

What cultural event did you find most interesting?

The cultural event that I loved was the Fiestas del Pilar. It’s a super cultural event and I really liked how they still, after so much time, continue with such a beautiful tradition. The multitude of people who return home to live them, the offering, how they bring flowers to the Virgen del Pilar, the food, the concerts, the party, … The truth is that I loved it and I found it very nice, it is one of the experiences that I liked the most during my time here in Zaragoza.

Festival Musica al Raso. Zaragoza

How is your life in general in Zaragoza?

The truth is that my life is incredible, I enjoy the city very much. Compared to the rest of Spain, the people here are very friendly, warm and honest, that’s something I like and that makes a big difference from where I come from in Mexico. As I said before, it is also a small but big city, and there is always something to do, a new place to visit or new people to meet. The truth is that I am really happy and grateful to be able to come here to study and live for a while.

Why would you recommend it as a destination to study?

Yes, I would recommend it as a destination to study here because you have a perfect combination of social life, meeting new people and going out for a drink at all hours of the day, as well as the cultural combination and all the possibilities that the city offers in terms of parties, museums, activities, etc. This mix is what I like the most.


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