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Interview with Macarena Millán mobility student in Zaragoza: “I would highly recommend it as a destination”

From GoAragón we wanted to see the Aragonese capital from the eyes of outsiders who visit or enjoy the city of Zaragoza for a while. Therefore, we have conducted interviews with students from different mobility programs in Zaragoza (BeInternational, Eramus+ and SICUE) to tell us about what their life is like in the city, their favorite places, where they enjoy eating, if they would recommend the city to come to live and what other places in Aragon and getaways they know.

Macarena Millán (San Lúcar de Barrameda, Spain)

Macarena Millán is a SICUE Mobility student at San Jorge University in Zaragoza. She is from San Lúcar de Barrameda and studies at the University of Jerez de la Frontera in Cadiz. He is in his third year of Advertising and Public Relations and has been living in Zaragoza since September 2022.

Why did you choose Zaragoza as your destination?

I chose Zaragoza because at first I wanted to go on Erasmus and since I didn’t get it, I didn’t want to go to a place that was next to my house. After all, going from going to another country to maybe going to a place nearby and meeting people, it wouldn’t make sense. So, I chose Zaragoza because of that and also because people recommended it to me.

What was your impression of the city during the first days?

The first impression was super good because when I told people that I was from abroad because they noticed me, many people told me ‘whatever you need’, even waiters. The people are very friendly and very attentive.

When friends and family come to visit you, what are the three must-visit places in the city?

I would say El Pilar, El Parque Grande and El Tubo. The Basilica del Pilar is the most recognized and when friends and family come they are always dying to see it, it is spectacular. The Parque Grande is super nice and I always like to take my friends for a walk, it’s very nice. El Tubo is like having the typical gastronomic experience here and, moreover, in a completely different way than what I’m used to. Arriving and seeing all the dishes and tapas displayed in a showcase where you can’t see anything, it’s very different.

If you had to choose a café, bar or restaurant in Zaragoza, which one would it be?

I can’t choose just one, I would say several in El Tubo. I like to go there one at a time and spend my lunchtime there, snacking and tasting the dishes of different bars in the area.

What is your favorite thing to do in the city?

I think going out. Meeting up with friends here and going out to see the city for the day, having a drink and also enjoying the nightlife and partying that the city has to offer.

What cultural event have you found most interesting?

The Fiestas del Pilar really caught my attention, especially the amount of people that were there. It’s very different from my own festivities and it caught my attention.

How is your life in general in Zaragoza?

My life in general I think it is a very basic student life. I get up, take advantage of the morning, take a walk around the city, do the things I have to do, … In addition, as now the new term has started and I have more free time I take the opportunity to explore the city and take advantage of it as much as possible. In general I would define it as good, I think it’s pretty good, to be honest. During the week I lead a very basic life, but on weekends I take advantage of it and go out as much as I can.

Have you visited any place in Aragon during this time?

Unfortunately I haven’t visited much of Aragon, but I did go with friends on the Cola de Caballo route in Ordesa. I loved it, I found it beautiful, very tiring, but I loved it.
What surprised you most about the Aragonese capital?

Obviously, apart from the cold because it’s incredible how cold I’m getting and I’m discovering that it exists, I think the comfort of the city, that’s what I tell people the most when they ask me. Everything is close enough, I haven’t noticed that I have to take transportation to go super far, it is super well structured compared to other big cities that you have to move more, everything is super compact.

Why would you recommend it as a destination to study?

I would recommend it to the maximum as a destination because it seems to me a more expensive city than what I am used to, but not too much. It is super nice and there are lots of plans and things to do, I really like the atmosphere, there are many places to choose from, I would recommend it 100%.

And finally, what is your favorite place in Zaragoza?

My favorite place without a doubt is the Parque Grande. I have it very close and every day I go and take a walk, I love it. I’m super used to go to the beach in my city to clear my head, it’s the closest thing and I love it to clear my head if I’ve had a bad day or I want to finish a good one. I love it.

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