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17 julio 2024

Interview with Peter Lozano and Héctor Paz from Imascono: 10 years of applied imagination and metaverse

We interviewed in GoTV Héctor Paz and Pedro Lozano, founding partners of Imascono, a company from Zaragoza with international projection dedicated to creative technologies, specialized in extended reality, whose objective is to develop creative and technological solutions through applied imagination. They have recently celebrated 10 years since its birth, and celebrated it with an anniversary gala that welcomed more than 1,000 people at the Palacio de Congresos de Zaragoza.

What is applied imagination? This is one of the first concepts we talked about in the interview. For Héctor Paz, applied imagination is “what we have inside us, the value proposition that allows us to unify design and technology”. A philosophy based on the quality of content, engagement thanks to extended reality technologies and the gamification of projects that allow the connection with human emotions, as well as the commitment to a methodology and processes that are represented by the Imascono Spaceship that materializes their workspace.

“Through that is the formula of applied imagination we use to develop the best technological solutions based on extended reality for our clients,” said Héctor Paz.

Proprietary products that make an impact

Focused on the creation of their own products, during the interview we got to know their projects. One of the first was Chromeville, which made them internationally known as the Spaniards who revolutionized the educational system in the United States. This educational project aimed, in the words of Pedro Lozano, “to transform education and ensure that children learn while having fun”. Thanks to Chromeville, Imascono is present in more than 100 countries, such as the United States and South Korea, a place where “it was difficult for them to imagine having clients”.

They have worked on projects with Ferrán Adriá, Rafa Nadal, the Spanish Basketball Team and also with companies such as Telefónica, Disney, Marvel, Adobe, Adidas, Huawei, Siemens, Sansumg, Movistar... and also other actions that have put the name of Aragón and Zaragoza in the world, as was the Virtual Offering of 2022 and 2021, a project that only in its first edition had 32 million impacts.

“We are proud of the Aragonese spirit we feel, we are rooted to our city and community, and we share that goal with Go Aragon. For us to take our land to infinity and beyond thanks to the international projection of Imascono is the most gratifying thing: to be able to take the Aragonese seal all over the world,” said Lozano.

10 years of technologies focused on the metaverse

Of course, we also talked to them about the fashionable trend: the metaverse: a concept that is not unknown to them, as they have been working for 10 years with the technologies that comprise the metaverse. “We are familiar with the concept,” explained Héctor Paz. About the metaverse they are very clear that it is a technological development that must always be accompanied by human values.

“We champion values, ethics and common sense to build this new virtual world. Internet is the lawless city and this important technology must be based on human values and help to build a better world, which is what we have always defended at Imascono,” Lozano argued. “There will always be people who do not make proper use of technology, something that has already happened with social networks and other technologies. Technology is often ahead of the law, it puts us to the test as a society, but little by little everything is becoming normalized,” said Paz.

The live program also included the participation of special guests related to the development of the Imascono project during these 10 years, such as Raúl Oliván, head of Zaragoza Activa at the time who bet on Imascono when Peter and Héctor joined this project accelerator and seedbed of ideas; or Sonia Sin, head of Communication and Sponsorship of Zaragoza Cultural and in charge together with Imascono of the development of the Virtual Offering project. There were also more personal surprises, such as the participation of Héctor Paz’s parents, or the greeting of one of Pedro’s best friends, the Aragonese and international soccer star, Ander Herrera.

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