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Five routes to enjoy autumn in Zaragoza (Spain)

The province of Zaragoza is full of beautiful places to walk these autumn months. In Go Aragón we suggest you to walk through the Natural Park of Moncayo, the Gallocanta Lagoon, Anento and Valpalmas.

Here are five routes to do in Zaragoza:

Route of Aguallueve, Anento

The first route we propose is located in Anento (Campo de Daroca region), 20 kilometers from Daroca and 83 from the city of Zaragoza. It is a circular route, very easy to do, which offers spectacular views both of the village itself from above and once you reach the spring of Aguallueve.

The trail starts at the town square, more specifically at the tourist office. From there, you will have to pass by the church and take a path that will soon lead you to the medieval castle (dating from the fourteenth century) and the Aguallueve, where you will see some beautiful ponds, magnificent waterfalls and caves formed by wear. To return, a flight of stairs will facilitate the way.

This is a very simple route, about 2 kilometers long, which you can complete in about an hour and a half. So, taking advantage of the trip, we recommend that you make a visit to the municipality. Anento is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Spain and its church has one of the largest and most important Gothic altarpieces in Aragon, the work of Blasco de Grañén.

As additional information to the route… The village has a parking lot for visitors where you can leave your car for two euros throughout the day. Frequently, there are also guided tours.

Gallocanta Lagoon Route

The route that we propose below borders between Zaragoza and Teruel, and is a must for bird lovers. The Gallocanta Lagoon (between the regions of Campo de Daroca and Jiloca) is seven and a half kilometers long and more than two kilometers wide. It is also one of the most unique ecosystems in Europe due to the diversity of aquatic bird species it hosts and above all because it is the habitat where the common crane rests during the course of its migratory journeys. Every autumn, cranes arrive by the thousands in this area, creating a landscape that you will not want to miss.

Thus, the walk we recommend begins at the Gallocanta Lagoon Interpretation Center. From that point different paths start, all of great beauty, but we suggest you take direction to Berrueco, along a track that follows the lagoon in parallel and that will allow you to see hundreds of birds flying or resting, at a certain distance, since it is a protected area and it is not allowed to approach too close. Once in Berrueco, we encourage you to go up to the castle -in ruins-, which in turn is an impressive viewpoint. And then you will only have to return to the starting point.

In total, this route will total a little less than 10 kilometers and you can do it in about 3 hours and a half. But… Attention! If you liked the proposal, you should know that you can also do it by bicycle. There are multiple routes that allow you to tour the Gallocanta Lagoon and its surroundings on wheels.

Route Cuevas de la Morana, in Añón de Moncayo

We approach the Natural Park of the Moncayo, one of the most known and appreciated spaces of the province of Zaragoza, with a circular and very simple route that will allow you to enjoy the environment of Añon de Moncayo (region of Tarazona and the Moncayo). An area that if it is already beautiful in summer and winter, in autumn it becomes a marvel to walk.

To reach the Cuevas de la Morana you must follow part of the GR-260 and the itinerary of the Natural Park of Moncayo AG-3. But the route has no loss. On the way you will see the Huecha river, which you will have to cross by a medieval bridge, the village washhouse and the current Añón shelter (old tile roof). In total, the route is a little less than 4 kilometers long, with hardly any slope, which will take you an hour and a half of walking.

Also, 5 kilometers from Añón de Moncayo is the Monastery of Veruela (XII century), where Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer and his brother lived for a while, and that you can visit for a price of 1.8 euros per person.

The Aguarales de Valpalmas

Take paper and pen because this route is possibly one of the easiest and most surprising that you can do in the province of Zaragoza. The Aguarales de Valdemiraz, also known as Aguarales de Valpalmas, are located two kilometers from Valpalmas (Cinco Villas region), and are the result of water erosion in a clayey area that, over the years, has created some absolutely incredible formations for the eye. You can not help but photograph them!!!

Access is from the road that connects the towns of Valpalmas and Piedratajada, through a dirt track accessible to vehicles, although it can also be done on foot. If you opt for the car, some signs will indicate how far you can go in it. And do not worry about parking, you can park for free in the area. If, on the other hand, you decide to walk, you will have a 2-kilometer walk ahead of you, which will take you a little over an hour to complete. Once there, you will have two routes at your disposal: one inside the ravine and the other outside. Both are worth the effort.

Collado de Bellido route from the Sanctuary of Moncayo

Finally, we return to the Natural Park of Moncayo to offer you another easy route to do. In this case, it is a round trip, that is, it is not circular, about 4 and a half kilometers long. So if you do both on foot, in total it will be almost 9 kilometers, with a drop of about 300 meters.

The excursion begins at the Virgen del Moncayo Sanctuary, which you can reach practically by car. From there, you will only have to take direction to the Collado de Bellido. The views during the journey and the arrival allow you to appreciate the entire plain of Zaragoza. It will take you about an hour and a half to go up and another one to come down. In addition, this is an easily extendable route. From the pass, the most prepared have the option to climb the Lobera peak and appreciate the aerial views of Zaragoza and Soria.

And if you want more… We remind you that there are other easy routes that you can do this fall in Huesca, suitable for the whole family.

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