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17 julio 2024

ITAINNOVA hosts the Legal Blockchain Congress 2021 on the implementation and challenges of blockchain technology in various sectors

"Aragon is generating a lot of talent around this disruptive technology, which allows there to be many people in our community driving projects to solve current and future problems", highlighted the counselor Maru Diaz at the inauguration

On November 25 and 26, the Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón ITAINNOVA hosts the Blockchain Legal Congress 2021, which brings together professionals from the technology, law, construction, health, art, logistics and financial sectors, among others, to which nearly 200 people have registered, between face-to-face and online formats.

ITAINNOVA, Aragon coordinator of the Block4Coop project (https://block4coop.eu/) organizes and finances, under the framework of this Interreg Sudoe project, and together with the Blockchain Zaragoza Association, this event in which the implementation and challenges of blockchain technology in the mentioned sectors will be discussed.
Issues such as sovereign digital identity, the Aragonese digital neighborhood, the MICA regulation, cryptocurrencies and money laundering, tokenization of real estate assets, crypto art and intellectual property, DEFI decentralized finance, blockchain applications in the health sector, taxation of crypto assets, or decentralized governance, and the relationship between 4.0 technologies and blockchain will be addressed.

This edition there are two new spaces for companies and startups in the sector that want to expose their projects and technological solutions in the blockchain framework to the attendees; facilitating networking and the generation of future collaborations and projects.

Parallel to the event, and throughout the celebration of this, a Hackathon has been organized. At the beginning of the day on Thursday, a business challenge will be presented where participants will have the opportunity to collaborate and work in an independent space to solve the challenge proposed by the organization. They will be facilitated to work in diverse teams and will have the support of technicians from the organizing entities at technological, legal and market level. There will also be exhibitors’ stands at the ITAINNOVA facilities.

The event has the support of entities such as the Real Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Zaragoza, the ImpactHub of Zaragoza and Alastria.

In charge of inaugurating this congress was the Councilor for Science, University and Knowledge Society of the Government of Aragon, Maru Diaz, who vindicated the enormous potential and capacity that the Blockchain has for digital transformation and the democratization of technology and celebrated the fact that the Community has been able to anticipate and is currently very well positioned. “Aragon is generating a lot of talent around this disruptive technology, which allows there to be many people in our community driving projects to solve current and future problems,” he stressed.

In his opinion, the Blockchain is “a valuable tool for the future that we must continue to explore, taking advantage of its potential and maximizing the social and economic impact that it can generate over the coming years in the territories that, like Aragon, know how to incorporate it into their services and solutions.”

In this regard, Diaz has valued the work in recent years of ITAINNOVA, along with other public entities of Aragon, for the promotion of an innovation ecosystem around this technology, which has allowed, for example, Aragon to be a pioneer in Europe in the use of Blockchain in public procurement. And he has called to continue supporting from the administration its implementation both in the organization itself, as well as in the private sector, since it is “good for our land”, he concluded.


The project in which this congress is framed aims to contribute to the digital transformation of companies in Southwest Europe and their competitive improvement through the use of blockchain technology in the Industry 4.0 developments of organizations, through the provision of information services, advice and interaction between developers and users. The leader of Block4Coop is the Biscayan Federation of Metal Companies (FVEM), a sectorial business organization that brings together the group of companies in the Biscayan Iron and Steel Industry. Also: the private non-profit association that brings together the Basque aeronautics and space sector; Ikerlan, a leading technology center in the transfer of knowledge and the contribution of competitive value to companies; ERAIKUNE, Euskadi Construction Cluster, a non-profit association of interconnected companies, suppliers and agents of the construction industry in the Basque Country. On the French side, CAM (Clermont Auvergne Métropole), the economic capital of the center of France; and CIMES, an innovation pole located in Clermont-Ferrand dedicated to mechanical engineering. And from Portugal, AIDA Câmara de Comércio e Indústria do Distrito de Aveiro and INOV Instituto de Novas Tecnologías, located in Lisbon. ITAINNOVA is part of this Block4coop consortium, in which the Government of Aragon and Tecnalia (Basque Country) are also partners.

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