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Management and strategy, digital transformation, sustainability and commercial tools, the core of the new training offer of the Ibercaja Campus

The course starts on September 15 and offers programs such as “Boards of Directors and strategy: what remains when everything changes”, “LiderA Directivas” and “LiderA Consejeras”, among others, aimed at managers.
Courses on digital innovation, cybersecurity and the internet of things will offer technological training to advance the challenge of implementing the latest trends in organizations.
Courses on emotional intelligence, neurolinguistic programming, time management and mindfulness have also been programmed to boost the well-being of human teams
Emotional intelligence applied to sales, negotiation techniques and digital strategy in social networks are some of the proposals that will be taught in the field of business strategy.

Campus Ibercaja begins the programming of the 2021-2022 course, aimed at the business network and its professionals with the aim of promoting the economic and social development of Aragon. Management and strategy, digital transformation, business sustainability and new commercial tools demanded by the markets are the main areas around which the training offer is articulated, which begins on September 15 and can be carried out in person and online.

The area of management and strategy will offer specific training related to the new challenges facing managers in the face of digitalization, climate change and people management. Programs such as “Lidera Directivas”, “Lidera Consejeras”, the “Higher Management Program according to EFQM 2020 model”, the “Advanced Program in Management Control and Strategy”, “Strategic management of agribusiness postgraduate course”, as well as the “International accreditation of boards of directors and good governance” stand out.

In the area of digital transformation, which aims to reduce the digital divide and the impact it generates, courses are proposed to train professionals technologically. Of particular note is the training in Analitycs programs such as Advanced Excel, Power Bi, Power Pivot and Power Query. Training is also offered in cybersecurity, international UX-PM certification and on Blockchain and the possibilities of IoT: internet of things.

Sustainability is another priority area of this course due to its importance in the transformation of the economic model. In this area, training will be given to reflect on how environmental issues affect organizations. Among others, an online program on climate change and sustainable finance will be offered, as well as specific courses on emotional intelligence, time management, mindfulness and neurolinguistic programming, with the aim of promoting the integration of people and their wellbeing in the development of organizations.

Within the area of commercial tools, training is adapted to new market strategies, applying emotional intelligence to sales methodology. Highlights include the “Master’s Degree in Purchasing Management and Strategy”, the “Learning to sell without selling program” and “Emotional intelligence applied to sales”, training on “Customer service“, “Negotiation techniques” and “Handling complaints and claims” together with courses oriented to “digital strategy. keys to attract, convince and convert visits into customers” and “keys to integrate the digital world into your sales and marketing strategy”. The main objective is to show new strategies in an environment where face-to-face and online sales coexist.

What is the Ibercaja Campus?

Campus Ibercaja is a reference center for training in the field of business, in which Fundación Ibercaja provides quality programs to professionals, to promote their evolution and business growth.

It offers a meeting place, networking and talent, which adds value to professionals and companies. The services are extended with other specific proposals such as personalized training, support programs and individualized advice for organizations.

The Campus also has an environment and facilities adapted for holding events, training sessions and strategic retreats, including an assembly hall, equipped classrooms, catering services and an outdoor garden area.

More information on the complete program and registration:


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