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Aragonese companies pay on time

According to data from Informa D&B SAU, a subsidiary of CESCE, Aragonese companies are the most punctual in making their payments.

According to data from Informa D&B SAU, a subsidiary of CESCE, the delay of Aragonese companies in meeting the agreed deadlines to pay their invoices is 3.56 days less than the national average in this period.

The Average Payment Period (APP) stood at 94.19 days in the second quarter (Q2) of 2021, the highest figure since Q4 2015.
The two components of the MTP evolve differently compared to Q1: the Average Payment Period increases by 0.71 days and the Average Payment Delay (AMD) decreases by 0.65 days.

Looking at the national territory, it can be seen that all the autonomous regions have experienced a worsening of payment data from a year ago, with the sole exception of Ceuta and Galicia.

The regions with the greatest increases are Melilla, which added 8.99 days to 26.84 days in the second quarter of this year, as well as the Balearic Islands, which added 3.14 days to 18.58 days, and the Canary Islands, whose delay increased by 2.47 days to 25.56 days and which is also the least compliant autonomous region, with only 31.41% of payments made on time.

On the other hand, Navarre is the only autonomous community with a delay of less than 11 days, with 10.93 days of delay in the payment of invoices by its companies. The Basque Country also stands out with 11.96 days, which is the second community with the shortest delay.

In Madrid, the delay is 18.21 days, while in Catalonia it is 14.09 days. In these last two regions, payments on time stand at 34.51% and 39.6%, respectively.

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