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Territorio Dinópolis Welcomes Over 55,460 Visitors This Summer

This summer, Territorio Dinópolis, the science and leisure park dedicated to the world of dinosaurs and paleontology in Teruel, has played host to 55,465 visitors, including both Dinópolis Teruel and its seven other locations throughout the province. The park located in the capital, Teruel, attracted 44,607 visitors during the months of June, July, and August. It’s worth noting that this summer cannot be directly compared to the previous year due to the closure of both the main park and its branches from July 3 to July 11, coinciding with the Angel Festival in the capital. Additionally, the park remained closed on Mondays and Tuesdays throughout July.

Despite facing challenges, Dinópolis introduced a new attraction this season called “Mar Jurásico,” which received a warm welcome from visitors. However, consecutive heatwaves in July and August posed difficulties in achieving the goal of matching previous summer figures. “Although we’ve had 12,811 fewer visits, it’s important to consider that we also had 14 fewer days of operation compared to the same period in 2022, making these numbers incomparable. Over 55,460 people have visited Territorio Dinópolis in these three summer months, and our main objective is to continue being a significant driver for the economic development of the Teruel province,” stated Higinia Navarro, Managing Director of Dinópolis.

In addition to the new thematic journey “Mar Jurásico,” which opened to the public on June 29, visitors to Dinópolis have also had the opportunity to enjoy a new dining area, part of the park’s expansion zone, called “La Cantina de Rocco.” Navarro described it as “a new space where our visitors can savor diverse gastronomic options while we maintain our commitment to local products. This restaurant features a fresh design and offers views of our Paleosenda, adjacent to ‘Mar Jurásico,’ providing service to this new park section.”

Dinópolis and its seven branches will conclude the summer season on September 4, remaining open seven days a week. After this date, Dinópolis will remain open on weekends and holidays until December 17, while the other centers located in various locations across the Teruel province will stay open until November 5. For more information, you can refer to their 2023 opening calendar: www.dinopolis.com/calendario.

Promotional Efforts: Throughout the season, the park has engaged in various promotional activities, including digital marketing, advertorials, contests on social media platforms, and collaborations with other partners. They have also advertised in cinemas and on national television to inform the public about the opening of “Mar Jurásico.” This new thematic journey has been well-received, allowing Dinópolis to expand its content and increase the average visitor duration.

Additionally, Dinópolis introduced new lighting and cutting-edge scenography in its Paleontological Museum. By utilizing new video and lighting technologies, the museum has enhanced the spectacle of original fossils and large exhibits on display, offering a more unified and enjoyable visitor experience.

Moreover, in the thematic area “Tierra Magna,” an outdoor space showcasing life-sized dinosaurs discovered in the province of Teruel, Dinópolis has added two new corporeal dinosaurs. These predatory dromeosaurids, hunting the injured sauropod Galveosaurus, have teeth of the kind found in several Teruel province excavation sites. The multidisciplinary team at the Dinópolis Foundation crafted these new corporeal sculptures.

Visitor Origins: The largest percentage of visitors came from the Valencian Community (26.61%), followed by Aragon (20.85%), Catalonia (18.53%), the Community of Madrid (10.11%), and, in fifth place, Murcia (4.58%), almost tied with Andalusia (4.46%). Territorio Dinópolis continued to welcome guests from all Spanish provinces, with Valencia (15.20%) leading the list, followed by Barcelona (13.93%), Zaragoza (11.90%), Madrid (10.11%), and Teruel (7.73%).

Increased Season Passes: The season pass for Dinópolis has been a resounding success this season, with more than 2,700 people purchasing it to date, setting a historical record. Priced at just €47 for adults and €39 for children aged 4 to 11 and seniors over 60, the season pass allows visitors to enjoy the main park and its seven branches as many times as they like, any day of operation during the 2023 season. It also provides a 20% discount on park dining and shopping, along with benefits at other leisure parks in Spain. This attractive price has made the season pass a popular choice, not only for residents of Teruel but also for many visitors from outside the city and province. It allows them to visit the park multiple times throughout the year, as many visitors continue to become loyal fans of this theme park dedicated to the fascinating world of dinosaurs.

Additionally, the combined entrance option to visit Dinópolis along with its branches located in various locations across the Teruel province has been a hit this summer. For just €3 more than the main park’s entrance fee, visitors can explore all the branches, making it an ideal choice for those with several days available during their summer vacations. These seven branches will continue to operate until November 5, marking the last day of operation. Until then, visitors who have purchased this type of entrance can enjoy visits to these branches and explore many other tourist attractions in the towns and regions where they are located.

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