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Zaragoza buys 68 new electric buses “ie streetcar”

A total of 68 fully electric buses will be purchased by the Spanish city of Zaragoza to gradually replace part of its existing bus fleet. The first new e-buses will enter service in the last quarter of 2022 and will be operated by AVANZA, which operates nationwide. For Irizar e-mobility, it is the largest electric bus order to date.

For Irizar e-mobility, it is the largest electric bus order to date. 51 units will be solo vehicles with a length of 12 meters and the remaining 17 articulated vehicles. Irizar is supplying the “ie streetcar” model, which is already in use in various other places.

Zaragoza City Council presented this new electric bus model, which will be the basis for the renewal of its fleet from the end of next year. The Irizar e-mobility “ie streetcar” is a 100% electric bus with a futuristic interior and exterior design. The model offers a capacity of 145 passengers. Its lithium-ion batteries are designed and manufactured by Irizar. This vehicle will be tested throughout the city in the next 3 weeks and will be used on different lines with capacity to operate with double buses, such as line 23.

The Zaragoza City Council has recently made the decision that all new city buses will be electric in the future, as part of the commitment to become a carbon neutral city. The city currently has 4 of these zero-emission buses plus 111 hybrid units. The rest, up to 352, are diesel vehicles.

The transition to an electric fleet is in line with the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan under the EU’s Next Generation package, which is eligible for European funding and puts Zaragoza in a good position to access funding in future bidding rounds. Precisely in this sense, the choice of a European company to supply these buses is crucial to qualify for these European funds with extended guarantees. This was an important factor in the decision of the Zaragoza City Council to choose Irizar ie streetcar.

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