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Zaragoza European Capital of Sport 2027

ACES Europe has informed Zaragoza City Council of the award of this title, which will boost investment in sports facilities and the attraction of events of international projection.

The Mayoress Natalia Chueca has valued this “great news” that will make Zaragoza one of the most relevant scenarios in the world of sport in the coming years.

The city of Zaragoza has been officially designated as the European Capital of Sport for the year 2027, according to the communication received by the City Council from ACES Europe. This distinction not only highlights the city’s commitment to sport, but also promises to boost investment in sports facilities and attract events of international projection.

Mayor Natalia Chueca, enthusiastic about the news, believes that the year 2027 offers an even better opportunity, allowing more time for preparation and improvement of sports facilities. Chueca expressed her gratitude to the civil society, sports entities and companies linked to sport that supported this project.

The European Capital of Sport will not only foster the development of local sporting talent, but will also contribute to the practice of sports, generating healthy habits and providing a platform for the city’s elite athletes. From an economic point of view, this title is in line with the City Council’s strategy of attracting nationally and internationally renowned events, boosting Zaragoza’s commerce, hospitality and external projection.

The mayoress underlined Zaragoza’s ongoing commitment to become a sub-host of the 2030 Football World Cup and to host major events, such as the King’s Cup and the Queen’s Cup in basketball. In addition, the city is seeking to consolidate its position on the La Vuelta cycling circuit and strengthen its position as a venue for high-level championships in various disciplines.

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