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The XIV ADEA Convention values the role of managers in society

Ramón Alejandro, president of Grupo Saica, has been recognized with the ADEA Award to the Executive of Aragon.

As a novelty, the Honorary President of ADEA, Salvador Arenere, and the former Secretary General of the Association of Executives, José Guillén, received Special Recognition for their dedication and involvement over so many years.

The Vice-president and Regional Minister of Economy, Industry and Employment, Mar Vaquero, highlighted the commitment of the Government of Aragón to talent and the objective of generating a “friendly” fiscal framework for companies and Aragonese people.

The management of talent and its capacity to generate, maintain and attract it has been the subject of the XIV ADEA Convention, where more than a thousand attendees have been able to learn about the latest proposals to value the full potential of the Aragonese economic fabric. It was an intense day that highlighted the role of executives in society with the presentation of the ADEA Award to the Executive of Aragon to Ramón Alejandro, president of the Saica Group, as well as special recognition to the honorary president of ADEA, Salvador Arenere, and the former secretary general of the Association of Executives, José Guillén.

On receiving the award, Ramón Alejandro congratulated the other award winners and nominees, and thanked the ADEA Board of Directors for proposing him in this category and the “extraordinary team” that he has led for 14 years. During this time, he has consolidated the growth of the Saica Group, placing it at the head of European companies in the sector and with a firm commitment to innovation and sustainable growth.

Likewise, Salvador Arenere has shown his pride for the year that has passed since, in the previous ADEA Convention, he handed over the baton to Fernando Rodrigo, and has recalled the beginnings of this event that have been gaining prestige during this time. “These awards have acquired a lot of prestige because they are awarded with great rigor, both in the selection of nominees and in the winners. Keep up the good work, Fernando. You are doing great and I am very proud of you,” he said.

The Association of Executives has highlighted with the ADEA Award for Social Work the dedication of the Miguel Servet Hospital in breast cancer processes, with the physicians Reyes Ibáñez, Menchu Casamayor, Carmen García and Isabel Vicente receiving the award. “We work with enthusiasm every day, guided by values such as humanization, responsibility, commitment and innovation to deliver the best to our patients. This award recognizes the work of a group of public healthcare professionals and is a stimulus for our daily work,” they emphasized.

Other winners were Natalia Romera, from Casen Recordati, with the ADEA Award for Talent Management; Isabel Pradera, from Saphir Parfums, in Commercial Management-Marketing; José Luis Val, from Teltronic, for External Promotion; Alberto López, from Wanatop, as Entrepreneur; Tomás Toribio, from Operon, in the category of Innovation; José Giménez, from Dexis Ibérica, in Large Projects; Mariano Lacasa, from Chocolates Lacasa, for his Trajectory; Cristina Gallart, from Fibrin Foods, as Manager of Huesca; and José Moliner, from Tarmac, as Manager of Teruel.


For her part, the Second Vice-President and Regional Minister of Economy, Industry and Employment, Mar Vaquero, closed the XIV ADEA Convention by emphasizing the commitment of the Government of Aragon to talent, which she considers an “enormous potential that we can all take advantage of” because “it serves the common good”. “This Convention has summarized everything that the Aragonese people aspire to, those challenges that are proposed, which is to make a better Aragon, giving the best of each one of us. Nothing would be the same without your contribution, work, involvement and talent”, he pointed out.

In turn, Vaquero highlighted the purpose of the autonomous Executive with the economic sector, achieving “not to be an obstacle or a hindrance”, but “a lever to meet your challenges and objectives”. “We are committed to generate a more friendly and fairer tax model with our organizations, companies and all Aragonese. A tax model that does not burden the entrepreneurial spirit for this shared project that is Aragon,” he said.


Before the awards ceremony, the Professor of Psychiatry and psychiatrist at the Miguel Servet Hospital, Javier García Campayo, invited the executives who participated in the XIV ADEA Convention to think about the need to stop in an increasingly fast-paced and uncertain world, linking it with concepts such as perspective or the meaning of life. “Organizations are not always sensitive to personal goals. Processes of lack began to be described in people who had dedicated their lives to something great, but all that had swept away the other areas of life, such as health, children, friends or emotions. It was observed that, if external circumstances prevented the development of the project, the individual became depressed,” he explained.

Based on a practical exercise, García Campayo made the thousand attendees reflect on their thoughts and life objectives at the age of 20 and the future they imagine at the age of 65, to think about what will be important throughout their lives, what they have wanted and what they have passed on to the following generations. “If they can sum it up, remember it every morning when they wake up. If they can connect with their values and their meaning in life, they will really do what’s important. They will think about whether they have been consistent with their life or whether they need to change anything,” he said.


On the other hand, the XIV ADEA Convention has also called for solidarity with the presentation of the solidarity calendar of the UP & DOWN association, whose objective is to improve the labor integration of people with Down syndrome. “We encourage you to hire them and count on them,” said its president, Felix Misol, who presented a gift to ADEA in appreciation of its support for the development of this project.

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