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Zaragoza wants to be the Iberoamerican Capital of Sustainable Gastronomy in 2022-23

In case of being designated, the city of Zaragoza will organize, together with the Ibero-American Academy of Gastronomy, an extensive program with exhibitions, training, innovative experiences, measurement of the carbon footprint and many other activities around sustainability and the richness of Ibero-American gastronomy.

The City Council of Zaragoza will present, in the coming days, its candidacy to become the Ibero-American Capital of Sustainable Gastronomy 2022-2023, a distinction awarded by the Ibero-American Academy of Gastronomy (AIBG) and that will be decided in the coming weeks. This was announced this morning by the Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Culture and External Projection, Sara Fernandez, who stressed that “this designation would place Zaragoza as a national and international benchmark for sustainable gastronomy and local products; as well as giving visibility to the actions being carried out to mitigate the carbon footprint in the city’s hotel and catering industry”. This unique, original and differentiating initiative is key to positioning Ibero-America as a driver of sustainability in the sector.

The Ibero-American Academy of Gastronomy aims to disseminate the cuisines of Ibero-American regions and peoples, is a non-profit organization, created in 2009, and since 2014 organizes events around different capital cities. The capital of gastronomic culture began in Cordoba; in 2020 it was held by Madrid and Guanajuato, in Mexico; or Miami in the United States have also been designated.

“an excellent tool for external promotion and image of the city, its products and the good work of professionals in the hospitality and hotel sectors, but also with a degree of training and exchange of experiences very enriching.”Sara Fernández

Should Zaragoza’s candidacy be approved by the Ibero-American Academy of Gastronomy, local, regional, national and Ibero-American actions will be carried out to increase the attractiveness of tourism and achieve a greater economic impact on the sectors linked to gastronomy. “We present our candidacy with the responsibility and conviction that involves hosting in our city a title of these characteristics, which delves into gastronomy, from the field of sustainability, as a vehicle for transformation, wealth and socio-cultural connection between regions and countries,” said Fernandez, who also said that it involves “an excellent tool for external promotion and image of the city, its products and the good work of professionals in the hospitality and hotel sectors, but also with a degree of training and exchange of experiences very enriching.”
Taking into account examples of other cities, the obtaining of this Capital, which the AIBG designates for the first time with this qualification among the different capital cities it promotes, would mean a growth in the turnover of the HORECA channel and an accurate tool for the gastrotouristic promotion.

The presentation of this candidacy by the city of Zaragoza was announced this morning in the presence of the president of the Professional Association of Hotel and Restaurant Entrepreneurs of Zaragoza (Horeca Zaragoza), Fernando Martin, and the president of the Association of Cafes and Bars of Zaragoza and Province, Jose Maria Marteles, who have supported this initiative for “the momentum and value” that the designation would mean for the hospitality, hotel, gastronomic, tourism and cultural sectors of the city. Therefore, they have shown their full willingness and absolute collaboration to, in case of obtaining the Capital, work and collaborate together in organizing the programming of activities, since an initiative of this magnitude “is an excellent showcase to disseminate the work and professionalism of our sectors in the field of gastronomy, sustainability and Ibero-America.

The president of HORECA, Fernando Martín, said that it is a “very interesting” initiative because it is “important to bring events to promote the city as a national and international destination”.

“We must make a firm commitment so that all establishments join the goal of reducing the carbon footprint,” he emphasized.

Among the activities proposed by the City Council of Zaragoza, together with the Ibero-American Academy of Gastronomy, are exhibitions, training for the sector in sustainability, actions to measure the impact of carbon footprint and its mitigation, innovative gastronomic actions, events combining sport or culture with sustainable gastronomy and others related to the richness of Ibero-American products.

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