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19 junio 2024

2023: a year of change and opportunity at a glance

2023 has been a year of changes, in which this media has continued to bet on the promotion of the territory outside its borders. In addition, 2023 ends with several activities promoted by Go Aragón that highlight the agility of this media beyond the web.

2023 has been a year of many changes. The year we are leaving behind has been one of changes in various aspects, some of them of great significance. The economy, politics and society itself, including Aragonese society, have been influenced by the new dynamics of a convulsive world, in which a panorama from which few certainties can be extracted dominates. Good and bad news, in short, for 365 days that Go Aragón has tried to report in the best possible way. Always, from an approach in which the Community, its business fabric and its potential have been the protagonists. For that continues to be the hallmark of this newspaper, to show the richness of a land of opportunities that, sometimes, it seems that it is not loved enough.

To this end, Go Aragón has continued to report on interesting initiatives and projects. For example, those proposed by companies such as Deusens, Ingeobras, Agrostock or Tervalis. We have also talked to representatives of the business network, such as the marketing director of Ibercaja, Nacho Torre, the lawyer Jaime J. Navarro, the general manager of Volkswagen Spain, Laura Ros, the designer Xiu Mian Liu, or the general manager of Edelvives, Alejandro Cebrián.

GoAragon 2023
Nacho Torre.

We have also spoken with institutions and political representatives, such as the current president of the Government of Aragon, Jorge Azcón, the mayor of Huesca, Lorena Orduna, the president of the Provincial Council of Teruel, Joaquín Juste, or the director of the UN Global Compact in Spain, Cristina Sánchez. Likewise, groups such as the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Zaragoza (AJE) have been featured in our pages with interviews such as the one with its president, Silvia Plaza.

GoAragon 2023
Térvalis plant in the municipality of Utrillas, Teruel. PHOTO: Térvalis
From Aragon to the world

All this, without neglecting the powerful cultural universe of Aragon. Cinema, literature, music and other artistic representations have had in this medium a support to show their virtues. Examples of this are the musician Álex Ortega (Calavera), the filmmaker Hugo Ruiz or the writer -who also writes for this medium- Laura Latorre.

This year 2023 has served to launch our first special, Aragon, between Spain and Europe, with which this media has made a tour of the main axes of the Community. Its history, its politics, its culture and its people have been the protagonists of a series of reports with the participation of the most important personalities of the territory.

And, focusing on the external projection, in this 2023 we have contacted various diplomatic representatives. With them, we have been able to know how Aragon is seen from abroad and the existing business opportunities in different countries. The Canadian Ambassador to Spain, Wendy Drukier, her Japanese counterpart, Takahiro Nakamae, the Indian Ambassador to Spain, Dinesh K. Patnaik, and the Indian Consul in Barcelona, Yasushi Sato, are some examples.

GoAragon 2023
Wendy Drukier, Canada’s ambassador to Spain, at the country’s diplomatic headquarters in Madrid. PHOTO: Marcos Díaz

From virtual to real

Precisely, foreign relations have been the focus of one of the most interesting activities planned by Go Aragon; its Business Opportunities Cycle in Asia. China, Japan and India were the protagonists of three days, held in June, September and October, which served to strengthen ties with these countries and learn about their potential in the business framework.

But these were not the only activities in which Go Aragon made the leap from the virtual to the physical plane. Its Children and Youth Journalism Contest or its role as media partner in events such as Ocultura and Descubre XR are proof of a work that transcends the network and brings interesting proposals to its audience.

The data does not deceive

In addition, with this 2023, Go Aragón has been in existence for almost three years. A journey that has allowed it to consolidate itself as a means of reference for the external projection of the Community. For this, there is nothing better than to refer to the data: our portal in Spanish has exceeded 700,000 unique users throughout the year and has generated more than 2 million unique visits, reaching 6 million page views.

Our French version reached 250,000 unique users, 700,000 visits and 2.1 million page views. In the case of the English portal, its figures show 90,000 unique users, 300,000 visits and 700,000 page views.

GoAragon 2023


With this in mind, we face 2024 with the firm intention of continuing the path already started. For this reason, we are already planning the next Business Opportunities in Asia conference, as well as the Sustainability conference to be held in Huesca. Thanks to the success achieved with these events, we are also thinking of creating new conferences dedicated to markets such as the United Kingdom or Canada. Our school journalism contest will also be held next year, in order to promote the best profession in the world among students.

And we also face the coming year with the firm objective of increasing the number of visitors, with an eye on those who may come from Latin America. All this, without forgetting the English-speaking reader, a market in which we want to grow, and the French-speaking one, where we are looking to establish ourselves.

Go Aragón wishes you a very happy new year and may 2024 be a year in which our Community shines with its own light in the world.

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