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5 plans that you should not miss in June in Aragon

If anything characterizes Aragon is its diversity, not only in landscape, but also in culture, nature, festivals and experiences that make every trip to Aragon unique. So that you can live it with intensity we leave you 5 plans that you can not miss this month.
Get your hiking boots dirty.
Plans in Aragon summer
Standing still in Aragon is difficult: mountains, skiing, fishing, surfing, mountain biking… this summer we recommend the easiest thing in the world: walking. The thousands of kilometers of marked trails will make your trip easier. You can choose between tourist trails: small routes to discover natural and cultural treasures that are suitable for the whole family; or large routes lasting several days: Camino de Santiago, GR that run throughout Aragón, Vías verdes, trekking at over 2,000 meters… All our trails are at your feet, and to help you walk them Aragón has a great network of guides and help for walkers, such as luggage transfer, to make it easier.
Remember Stendhal while enjoying rural tourism.
Aragon has 13 villages considered the most beautiful villages of Spain, but we assure you that there are more.  Aínsa, Alquezar, Albarracín, Mirambel, Alcañiz, Daroca, Tarazona, Sos del Rey Católico, Uncastillo …. Enjoying these villages with a great past that you can sense by visiting their streets and squares is always a delight. Their unique and singular architecture, their strategic locations and their surroundings make them ideal destinations from which to begin many other adventures.
Tour Zaragoza by night visiting its churches.
A very special experience called FIAT LUX. It consists of two exclusive night routes through the most emblematic churches of the historic center of Zaragoza. The program of guided tours will fill the darkness and silence of the temples with light and will bring you closer to a universe of unique dimensions.
You can choose to visit the two cathedrals of Zaragoza avoiding the crowds of parishioners and visitors during the day or visit the three churches with more devotion of the city.
Relive the Caspe Compromise.
In 1412, representatives of all the territories of the Crown of Aragon met in Caspe to elect a new king when Martin I the Humane died without descendants. This important meeting is commemorated year after year in Caspe. For three days, the whole town dresses up and its neighbors take to the streets wearing period costumes, while its streets are filled with markets, shooting exhibitions, falconry, music… The main event takes place on the steps of the collegiate church of Santa María la Mayor, where the name of the new king was published: Fernando de Antequera.
Riding on the back of two wheels.
Plans in Aragon summer
If you join June, Aragon and bike, you think of the test of all tests: The Quebrantahuesos and its little sister, the Treparriscos. This tough cyclotourist race is a milestone in the agenda of many bicycle lovers. Starting and finishing in Sabiñánigo, it runs through the Aragonese and French Pyrenees, on a route with 3500 meters of accumulated altitude gain.
But if you are not yet ready for this event or if your thing is gravel or mtb, Aragon has more than 4,000 km of signposted routes for bicycles in all styles. From the aridity of the Sierra de Armantes, to the silence of the Empty Mountains route or the recovered Sobrarbe trails of Zona Zero BTT, Aragon has a route for you.

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