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Amazon exceeds expectations at its Zaragoza Logistics Center

The President of the Government of Aragón, Jorge Azcón, celebrated the first anniversary of Amazon’s Logistics Center in Zaragoza, located in the Zaragoza Logistics Park (PLAZA). During the visit organized to commemorate the event, Azcón highlighted that Amazon has exceeded all expectations both in terms of production and job creation. The center, known as ZAZ1, already has more than 800 employees, rapidly approaching the forecast of reaching 1,000 workers by 2025.

Accompanied by the Minister of Development, Housing, Mobility and Logistics, Octavio López, and other Amazon representatives, Azcón stressed that the multinational’s installation in Aragón reinforces the community’s image as a logistics powerhouse. “The relationship between Amazon and Aragonese society is especially positive and demonstrates the extraordinary role that logistics plays in our autonomous community,” said the president. Currently, the logistics sector represents 5% of Aragon’s GDP and has more than 550 companies and thousands of jobs.

Azcón also highlighted the importance of digitalization in the operation of the logistics center, pointing out the relevance of the work of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in its data centers in Aragón. Recently, AWS announced an investment of €15.7 billion in the region, underscoring the company’s commitment to technological and logistics development in the community.

The Zaragoza Logistics Center has not only established itself as a benchmark in Europe, but also continues to expand. Amazon has announced an additional investment of more than 4 million euros to expand the number of direct loading docks and the implementation of the night shift later this year. This expansion is in anticipation of the Black Friday and Christmas season, which will allow the employment target to be reached a year ahead of schedule.

The center’s first anniversary celebration and new investments are proof of Amazon’s success and confidence in Aragon. The community, known for its logistics infrastructure, continues to attract leading companies from different sectors, consolidating its position as a key logistics hub in Europe.

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