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Ambassador of India’s Visit to Zaragoza: Economic Potential and Future Collaborations

The Ambassador of India to Spain, Dinesh K. Patnaik, paid an official visit to Zaragoza yesterday, where he conducted an intensive agenda of meetings with representatives of the Government of Aragon and the City Council of Zaragoza, as well as local businessmen. The visit, coordinated by Aragon Exterior and GoAragon, highlighted the growing interest in strengthening economic and investment ties between Aragon and India.

Meeting with the President of Aragon

Jorge Azcon, President of the Government of Aragon, received the Indian Ambassador in his office. José Antonio Vicente, manager of Aragón Exterior (AREX), was present at the meeting with the President of Aragón and the Ambassador of India. During the meeting, the economic strengths of Aragon and possible areas for collaboration with India were discussed. Azcón highlighted the potential in sectors such as technology, logistics, agri-food and automotive in Aragon that could attract investment from India.

Currently, Aragon exports products to India for a total value of 51 million euros; while imports from this Asian country amount to 268 million euros. With more than 200 Aragonese companies exporting to India and 481 importing from there, the trade relationship has room for expansion. Spanish projects invested in India are growing significantly, especially in infrastructure, renewable energies, automotive components and textile industry.

“I was delighted to be in Zaragoza and meet with companies that have a large potential in the Indian market. With Zaragoza positioning itself as the logistics and technology hub, I look forward to visiting the region again soon and increasing our collaboration. Most importantly, I was impressed with the business friendly and positive approach of both the President of Aragon and the Mayor of Zaragoza.”

Lunch with Aragonese businessmen

After the meeting in the presidential office, Ambassador Patnaik participated in a meeting with local companies, organized by GoAragón and Aragón Exterior. During this event, he had individual meetings with several Aragonese companies interested in the Indian market. José Antonio Vicente and Sara Espuelas, from AREX, accompanied the businessmen during these meetings, facilitating communication and exploring possible business opportunities.

Meeting with the Mayoress of Zaragoza

Ambassador Dinesh K. Patnaik’s with the Mayor of Zaragoza, Natalia Chueca. Foto: Zargoza Town Hall

The visit ended with a meeting between the Ambassador and the Mayoress of Zaragoza, Natalia Chueca. During this conversation they discussed issues related to the development of the city and the job skills that Zaragoza currently demands and will need in the future. They discussed how collaboration with India could help the city’s economic and professional progress.

Ambassador Dinesh K. Patnaik’s visit to Zaragoza demonstrated the mutual interest in expanding trade and investment relations between Aragon and India. Meetings with local political leaders and businessmen have been instrumental in identifying areas of collaboration and strengthening economic ties between the two regions. This initiative is part of a broader strategy to promote Aragon’s international relations and attract foreign investments that will boost the economic and sustainable growth of the autonomous community.

Learn more about the Ambassador of India, Dinesh K. Patnaik, in this exclusive interview.

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