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Festival Zaragoza Florece: An explosion of color and passion in its III edition

The Parque Grande José Antonio Labordeta will be transformed into a dazzling stage of beauty and harmony during the third edition of the Zaragoza Florece Festival. Under the leitmotiv of "The Passion", this floral event will fill the city with life and color during four days of intense activity. Internationally renowned floral artists will bring grandiose installations to life, while the program will be complemented by concerts, workshops, gastronomy and florists' stalls. The festival, organized by the City Council and supported by renowned brands and collaborators, has become a must-attend event for lovers of nature, music and creativity.

Welcome to the Zaragoza Florece Festival! An event that celebrates the exuberant beauty of flowers and the power of nature to inspire our lives. For four days full of color and music, the Parque Grande José Antonio Labordeta will become an oasis of creativity where visitors can immerse themselves in a world of floral passion.

The third edition of the Zaragoza Florece Festival has chosen “Passion” as its guiding thread, an intense feeling that drives us to move forward, to pursue our dreams and goals. In the floral world, passion is manifested in the diversity and beauty of each flower, each with its own color, aroma and shape. Each flower is unique and special, and its mere presence can brighten someone’s day and fill it with hope. And there will be plenty of just that during these four days of intense activity.

Since its creation, the Zaragoza Florece Festival has sought to become a benchmark in the world of floral and landscape architecture, in addition to providing support to the local florist sector. This event is an exceptional showcase for floral artists and designers, who will display their talent in impressive installations that will surprise and delight attendees.

The Parque Grande José Antonio Labordeta, known as the green lung of Zaragoza, will be transformed into a vibrant stage where nature and creativity will merge. More than 30 Flower Market stalls will offer a variety of options for visitors to take home their own little piece of floral beauty. In addition, a dozen food trucks will satisfy the most demanding palates with a delicious gastronomic offer.

But the Zaragoza Florece Festival would not be complete without music, the universal language that unites us all. During these four days, around 40 concerts of all musical styles will take place in the Parque Grande. From jazz and classical to pop and traditional music, there will be something for everyone. Enveloping sounds and captivating melodies will provide the perfect ambience while visitors enjoy the floral wonders around them.

The Zaragoza Florece Festival would not be possible without the support and collaboration of several companies and organizations. We are grateful for the sponsorship of Ambar, Avanza, Caja Rural de Aragón, El Corte Inglés, FCC Medio Ambiente, Lumon, Tranvía Zaragoza, Urbaser and 49 Millions, whose commitment has made this unique event possible. We are also grateful for the collaboration of Ágreda Autobuses, Edelvives, Flores Aznar, Gradiflor, IKEA, Irati Floral and La Torre Outlet, who have contributed to enrich the experience of the attendees.

The Zaragoza Florece Festival is not only a celebration of floral beauty, but also an opportunity to foster a connection with nature and appreciate the value of creativity in our daily lives. We invite all residents of Zaragoza and visitors from other cities to immerse themselves in this vibrant festival, to let themselves be carried away by the colors, aromas and sounds that surround us. Enjoy this gift for the senses and let the floral passion envelop you in an embrace full of inspiration and wonder.

In short, the III Zaragoza Florece Festival is an unmissable event for lovers of nature, music and creativity. From May 25 to 28, the Parque Grande José Antonio Labordeta will become a floral paradise where passion will unfold in every corner. Let yourself be captivated by the magic of flowers, immerse yourself in the enveloping music and enjoy an unforgettable experience that celebrates beauty and creativity in all its forms. Don’t miss it!

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