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Enjoy 40 proposals for river tourism in Zaragoza province

Lovers of river tourism have a new brochure from the Diputación de Zaragoza where they can find 40 river tourism proposals to enjoy in the province.

Recently we published a duck in which we talked about the possibilities offered by Aragon for lovers of river tourism, we commented that “there are many rivers and river towns that offer activities to do while raising awareness among citizens for the care and protection of them. Among them, the practice of risk sports stands out, which annually attracts enthusiasts from all over the world. There are multiple modalities proposed by the Aragonese geography, from rafting, bungee jumping or abseiling to canoeing or fishing”GoAragón

The catalog incorporates a QR code with which to carry the map saved on the cell phone and consult the file of each destination when each user wishes. It not only shows the location of these places but also offers all the necessary information for tourists as well as photos of the place. In addition, some of them also include 360º images.

The brochure, which has been presented this morning in the press room of the Diputación de Zaragoza, gathers 40 places with aquatic soul in the province of Zaragoza. For its dissemination, 10,000 copies have been published, which have been distributed in the tourist offices of the province and can be downloaded from the tourism website of the provincial institution.

“It is the ideal moment to enjoy these destinations. From the institutions we must claim the heritage of our province. We have a very rich and huge environmental heritage but unfortunately unknown by the Aragonese. With this brochure we intend to bring these places closer to them in a responsible and sustainable way,” said the deputy delegate of Tourism of the Diputación de Zaragoza, Cristina Palacín. “There are 40 destinations with an aquatic soul, which advocate the discovery of river tourism and show that the province of Zaragoza has a wonderful environmental wealth along the Ebro, in the Ribera Alta and Baja, in the sea of Caspe and not only in these best known areas, also in places located along the river Piedra, the Mesa or Jaraba, offering tourism for all audiences, “added Palacín.

The physical brochure offers a map with the locations of the 40 proposals, among which are places to enjoy the fresh air, nautical activities, discover the hydraulic heritage of the province, cycling and mountain biking, with accessible visits, places to watch birds, hiking and sport fishing, relax in a spa and have fun in a reservoir. In each of the 40 sites is indicated the type of activities that can be done, so that tourists know what they can find in each of them.

The QR code on the brochure allows the user to incorporate the map with these 40 sites to the Google maps application on their cell phone, so that it is saved on their phone without the need to open it through the QR code. In the application the user can interact and see the information of each of the places: location, characteristics, nearby points of interest, how to get there or what practice can be done. “

“They are amazing destinations, we have a river heritage that is yet to be exploited. We can have them saved in an application as well known as Google maps without having to install another one. This allows us not only to locate them but to know what is around them through the information of the digital cards, discover the province, stay overnight in our villages and savor our gastronomy, “explained the environmental educator of the company Ebronautas Nestor Jimenez Torrecilla, who has specified that pointed out that the intention is to be adding destinations to the map.

These are places as special as the well Pígalo, the Estanca de Borja, the Salto del Batán, the well of the Chorros, the Aguallueve de Anento, the Roman dam of Almonacid de la Cuba, the aqueduct of Las Trabas, the boat of Torres de Berrellén, Ojos de Pontil, the well Redondo, the straits of the Huerva or the pier of Cinco Olivas. They are places focused on all types of tourism: family, with friends, sports… All 40 places can be enjoyed by everyone, are easily accessible and offer tourists interesting experiences near the water.

download brochure 1

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