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Ansó: the medieval village with more essence of the Pyrenees

Border territory between Navarra and Aragón, Ansó is one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. Surrounded by unspoiled natural landscapes, this town keeps the purest medieval essence of the Aragonese Pyrenees through its typical Ansó costume.

Located in the region of Jacetania, Ansó is a border territory between Navarra and Aragón, as well as bordering France for more than 50 kilometers. An authentic medieval village that still preserves intact its essence forged in the homonymous valley (Valle de Ansó), a paradise barely built by humans and perfect to disconnect. In addition to its costume as a sign of identity, Ansó is curiously one of the few places where the Ansotano language is still spoken; a mixture of Fabla and Basque (due to its border situation with Navarra) that still survives thanks to the fact that it has been passed from parents to children. Not only does this make Ansó a unique village, but its unspoiled landscapes make it one of the few places in the Pyrenees where bears live.

Considered one of the Most Beautiful Villages of Spain, not in vain illustrious characters such as Benito Pérez Galdós in his visit to Ansó in 1894 seeking inspiration for his play “Los Condenados” said: “I have seen the most original and picturesque country that can be imagined”.

From Go Aragón, we suggest you some places and plans to do in Ansó:

Stroll through the streets of the town center and discover the Medieval Tower House

Considered a Historic-Artistic Site, this typical medieval Pyrenean village still preserves in very good condition its beautiful town center, one of the best preserved in the Aragonese Pyrenees. With cobbled and medieval streets, the typical two or three-storey house stands out, separated by the so-called “callizos”, particular spaces of half a meter.

One of the most emblematic buildings of Ansó is the Medieval Tower House of the fourteenth century, in which formerly was imprisoned Blanca II of Navarre once she was dispossessed of the throne. In addition, it was also part of a defensive network in the turbulent times of Alto Aragon.

Ansó Costume Museum

With its distinctive stamp, the Ansotano costume is of extraordinary anthropological value. So much so, that there is a museum that shows the evolution of the costume over the years: the Costume Museum of Ansó. It is well worth a visit to learn about the history of the costume, a must-see in Ansó!

In addition, on the last Sunday of August, the popular “Fiesta de la Exaltación del Traje Típico Ansotano” takes place, declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest. An authentic manifestation of the traditional costume and a deep-rooted custom among the Ansotanos.

Valley of Ansó and valley of Zuriza and Linza

Located in the valley of the same name, the Valleys of Ansó and Hecho are one of the most unspoiled and least built-up natural areas of the Aragonese Pyrenees, a paradise to escape from overcrowding and connect with nature.

Nearby, there are spectacular spots such as the Zuriza and Linza valleys, an ideal destination for nature and mountain sports lovers, or the Protected Landscape of the Foces de Fago and Biniés. During the winter, it is possible to explore these landscapes with snowshoes or practice cross-country skiing on the slopes of the Linza Nordic Space. Take advantage of this visit to visit Hecho and its spectacular Selva de Oza, a large forest mass that serves as a refuge for numerous endangered species.

Where to eat in Ansó

The Ansó Valley is a gastronomic paradise for all foodies. If you want to eat traditional Aragonese dishes at an affordable price, do not hesitate to go to Berari Mountain Tavern. If you are looking for accommodation and good gastronomy, you will find the perfect combination at Hostal Kimboa. For carnivores, the Borda Arracona in Ansó offers specialties in different grilled meats. There is also Borda Chiquín, a typical grill very well valued where you can taste the authentic grilled meats (and some of the richest migas in the area).

Although the gastronomy of Ansó is very varied, you cannot leave without trying the star dish of the area, ideal for cold and icy winter days. It is the potato soup, a recipe made with potatoes, leek, carrot, peppers, onion, ham and cod that is a real delicacy.

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