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Find out which projects the international organization Meeting of Design Students will carry out in Zaragoza

The 8 projects that Meeting of Design Students will develop in the neighborhood of Las Fuentes:

  • KIOS & CO’s

WIND PAVILION: With bamboo wood, pine and rope, the main idea of the project is to create an interesting space for people visiting the neighborhood of Las Fuentes, allowing a different experience with the wind that characterizes our city. The circular shape of the intervention in relation to the design of the park creates sounds from the passage of air. The pavilion is divided into three main parts, relating through different situations people with the surrounding nature along with sound activities. The main figure consists of a circle with a radius of 6.30 m divided into three parts. The complete work will reach a length of 11.50 m and a height of 3 m at its maximum point. By the Swedish author Nicolas Benjamin Boscoboinik and the Polish Dominika Ufnal, the work will be located in the park of Torre Ramona.

DISTRICT OF SIGNS: The main focus is to realize a performance that helps to strengthen local commerce as well as restaurants and bars in the neighborhood, using visual signs on pavements to help people find their way to them. Facilitate the “navigation” through the local commerce of Las Fuentes and thus discover the establishments that are so important and that are a powerful engine for the economy. To achieve big changes with small but significant interventions that fill with color and life the main streets where the commerce of Las Fuentes resides. Creation of a new “map on the pavement” of the neighborhood with marked landmarks where the product and the desired activity can be easily located. The authors are the Polish Ola Rysak and Blanka Przedpełska and the interventions will be made along routes that include the streets of Monasterio de Siresa, Salvador Minguijón and Compromiso de Caspe Avenue.

URBAN HAVEN: An intervention by the Polish artists Magdalena Storozenko-Polak and Kamila Malgorzata Haja and the Irishman Andy Byrne, which will be installed in the Plaza de la Opinión Pública and then moved to educational and children’s centers in the neighborhood, with each planter measuring approximately 2 x 2.8 meters. The dimensions will be adapted to the canopy of the square and 6 planters will be made with wooden beams and planks, compost, waterproofing sheet and metal chicken wire. We want to create an urban garden in an elevated square by means of plant design, seeking to improve a very busy public space due to the customers of the cafeteria. Typical plants of our area will be used for a better conservation of them, as well as interaction with neighbors for learning and knowledge of the native flora. There will be visual and aromatic experiences that awaken the senses of every person who enjoys the stay in the square or passing through it. There will be participations and relations with the vegetable gardens so characteristic of Las Fuentes that it is so necessary to have them present. Materials will be used that are not only ecological and sustainable, but also, properly treated, will last in good condition for a long time, adapting to the weather conditions of Zaragoza. All materials similar to plastic will be avoided.

LIGHT IT UP!: A lighting performance will be carried out in local stores in the neighborhood of Las Fuentes to illuminate the streets through their shop windows, with the technological and sustainable possibilities offered by lighting. This workshop aims to explore and investigate the different possibilities offered by light to define, shape and transform a space to bring joy to citizens and encourage them to interact with local commerce. After a previous research with recycled materials and the design of the lamps, the store owners will be in charge of the lights, being able to share them with other stores. As they are installed indoors, they are protected against vandalism and weather conditions. The authors are Rafael Gil Cordeiro (Albania) and Alena Halmes (Switzerland).

KIOS & CO’s: This installation, by Stanislav Rabunski and Ilya Katliarski (Israel), will be installed in one of the squares of the Torre Ramona Park near the bandstand. It is a circular pavilion, which invites the passerby to walk and reflect. The skin of the pavilion is made of curtain fabric, white on the outside and lined with colored fabrics on the inside. These fabrics will move with the wind, creating a dynamic façade that “breathes” along with the park.

FUENTURNITURE: This project is based on a research about urban furniture, to create a series of elements that reconfigure the urban space of the Torre Ramona park walkway. To this end, modules will be made that comply with current regulations and are designed for the participation and interaction of both children and the elderly. An alternative design that after the previous research process with the participants and the neighborhood will connect generations within a space full of green areas and vegetation such as the park. A walker with elements of rest, rest and meeting that at the same time are original and its intervention in the neighborhood brings us closer to reflect on new uses of street furniture. The authors are Joseph John Murphy (Ireland) and Pelin Gunay (Denmark-Turkey) and will be located in Pedro Cubero street, in the surroundings of the urban complex of Andrea Casamayor.

STANDS STILL: The workshop seeks to offer a new use to the square of the old slaughterhouse. So that stands are designed to locate a temporary market to promote local commerce. The project consists of several mobile and stackable stands, built from small metal structures derived from scaffolding, which will be located in squares for the celebration of neighborhood street markets. They have at the same time shade elements made of fabrics for the months of high temperatures. The horizontal table-like elements will be made from research into recycled plastic materials from the neighborhood itself. The authors are the Australians Andy Yu and Linus Gruszewski.

RADIOHOOD: “MEDS and the City” consists of the generation of an archive of stories that will be collected during the duration of the workshop. These stories will be shared with all workshop participants and the neighborhood, through “mass media” elements such as comics, posters, podcasts, photographs, and through the centerpiece: the public exhibition of what was generated in the Matadero. Taking as a starting point the well-known and old “Radios de Barrios”, the concept of the Radiohood workshop immediately reminds us of journalism, not only in the sense of transmitting and sharing information, but also in the sense of what is done to find that information. And that is: research.

Research in this workshop will involve numerous activities: looking, observing, writing, drawing, photographing, categorizing. Dissemination ultimately comes down to storytelling, which consists of choosing the right way to display the information gathered. This will lead to the final exhibition of the work done during the two weeks of MEDS Cierzo 2022. The tutors will be Myrto Andronidi and Georgia Zachari (Greece) and the final exhibition will be held in the most suitable space in the Old Municipal Slaughterhouse.

The celebration of MEDS Cierzo is possible thanks to the main support of the City Council of Zaragoza, the Municipal District Board of Las Fuentes, Toldos Serrano, Lyra Residencial and Dilavisheire. Likewise, the essential collaboration of Ingennus, IDOM, Mafell, Tranvía Zaragoza, Maderas Planes, Rem arquitectura, Fundación Zaragoza Conocimiento, Centro Cívico Salvador Allende, CEIP Julián Sanz Ibáñez, Eboca, Estudio Habito, Asociación vecinal Las Fuentes, GEN, TASH Arquitectura, Centro Sociolaboral Adunare, MSM, Editeca, Yo compro en las Fuentes, CME, Impact Hub, Fundación el Tranvía, Centro de préstamo, Consejo de Juventud, Etopia, Harinera ZGZ, Fundación Arquia, Colbus, Sala Lo Intento and HECO Ibérica.

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