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GoAragon: Proud Media Partner of DescubreXR, the Epicenter of Virtual Reality and the Metaverse

At GoAragon, we are always looking for opportunities to explore the frontiers of innovation and technology, and this time, we are excited to announce our partnership as Media Partner of DescubreXR. This cutting-edge event, which stands out as the most important in Spain in the field of virtual reality, augmented reality and the exciting world of the metaverse, promises to open the doors to a universe of technological and business possibilities.

DescubreXR, which will take place on November 18, stands as a beacon in the national panorama of immersive technology. It is a space where the brightest minds and leading companies in the field of virtual and augmented reality come together to present their latest innovations and projects. Here, the boundaries of physical reality are crossed to explore virtual worlds, experience extraordinary sensations and discover new ways of interacting with technology.

As Media Partner of this high caliber event, GoAragón is committed to bringing the exciting DescubreXR experience to our readers. We will have a front row seat, sharing the most inspiring stories, the most impactful innovations and the most promising visions emerging from this event.

The world of virtual reality and the metaverse is constantly evolving, and through our partnership with DescubreXR, we are committed to keeping our readers informed about the latest trends and developments in this fascinating industry.

Get ready for a journey through the most advanced technology, where the real and the virtual intertwine in amazing ways. DescubreXR is a window to the future, and GoAragon is proud to be your Media Partner on this exciting journey.

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