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The Fundación Goya’s new virtual space provides an insight into the life and art of the painter

This new virtual space of the Goya Foundation in Aragon is launched last 26Th march on the occasion of the 275th anniversary of the birth of Francisco de Goya.

It is part of the joint programme of activities between the Government of Aragon and the Diputación de Zaragoza.

Entitled ‘Goya’s Journey’, it is a journey through the countries that the brilliant painter from Fuendetodos visited throughout his life – Spain, Italy and France – his homes, the places that inspired him and the locations of his works in each space.

To enter Goya’s Journey, the user geolocates on the home screen and then, in the form of a route, the distance to places related to the life of the Aragonese painter is displayed, as well as links to places of interest, gastronomy and accommodation. The location of the museums and collections that exhibit his works is highlighted, along with scientific information and practical information for the visit, with a simple click on the online catalogue of the Goya Foundation in Aragon.
Goya’s journey is hosted on the website of the Goya Foundation in Aragon.

For its launch, a promotional video has been made to explain how the tool works and to support its dissemination by explaining the possibilities it offers. All of this while maintaining the same design as the website of the Goya Foundation in Aragon.

A loudspeaker for the work of the Aragonese genius

The Goya Foundation in Aragon has opted for a greater online presence with a modern website adapted to the criteria of transparency and navigability in a multiplatform that enhances the visualisation of a complete unified online catalogue of all of Goya’s work. This catalogue contains more than 1,100 records, has been developed over the institution’s fourteen years of existence, is constantly being updated and is backed by the Centro de Investigación y Documentación Goya (CIDG), made up of the best professionals in Spain in this field.
The Goya Foundation in Aragon has not hesitated to take up the baton of its communicative character and social commitment in its multiplatform, developing, together with ARASAAC, an accessibility project through which the works of the painter from Fuendetodos are being adapted to the augmentative and alternative communication system (SAAC) with pictograms. The biography and 40 works by Francisco de Goya located in Aragon are currently available in SAAC as an educational resource.

Goya. Zaragoza. Spain. Screenshot of the Fundación Goya's new virtual space: Goya's Journey
Screenshot of the Fundación Goya’s new virtual space: Goya’s Journey

Since 2019, the Goya Foundation has strengthened its positioning on social networks and has developed new regular information content: a newsletter and a blog entitled Cuaderno Italiano, which aims to disseminate Goya’s legacy among young people, as well as the vision of Goya held by the protagonists of current cultural events.

The Foundation’s website has recently incorporated an online shop with exclusive merchandising items on the figure of the Aragonese genius, exhibition catalogues and other books on the work of our most illustrious Aragonese.

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