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The best places to see the almond blossom in Aragon. Spain

The almond blossom begins in mid-February. In Aragon there are many places to enjoy this natural phenomenon, being the Hoya de Huesca one of the best places in Spain.

For several years, the Hoya de Huesca has become one of the best places to enjoy the almond blossom in Aragon, but also in Spain. According to several national newspapers, such as El País, Huesca is one of the perfect enclaves to see how the early onset of spring is revealed in these beautiful trees.

Along with certain places in Madrid, Cuenca, Cáceres, Alicante, Murcia, Almería, Málaga or islands such as Mallorca or Tenerife, there are places in Aragón where the almond blossom is a spectacle. Today we want to know these places so you can take advantage during the month that usually lasts the flowering. Do not wait because you miss it!


In the vicinity of Loarre Castle is one of the best places in Spain to see the almond blossom. This medieval jewel, considered one of the best preserved castles in Europe, is surrounded at its feet by a large number of almond trees that leave a landscape worth visiting between February and March. Take the opportunity to enter the castle where Ridley Scoot’s The Kingdom of Heaven was filmed. Loarre is only half an hour from Huesca and an hour and a quarter from Zaragoza.


(Photo: Ayerbe Town Hall)

Ayerbe is par excellence a place to enjoy the almond blossom. Hundreds of people gather here to walk among the almond trees in bloom. So much so that Ayerbe has organized the Almond Blossom Walk from Ayerbe. This year, due to the covid, they have suspended the popular walk (included in the calendar of Popular Walks of Aragon) scheduled for this Sunday, February 20.

The walk is usually divided into two circular routes to choose, one long and one short, and during the walk both have refreshments (three or five, respectively) and popular food. Save the event for next year or to do the walk on your own! From Huesca you are only 25 minutes away and from Zaragoza you will arrive in an hour.

Villages of the Aguasvivas basin

In Belchite, just 40 minutes from Zaragoza, you can also see the almond blossom. In fact, in several of the towns that make up the Aguasvivas basin, such as Almonacid de La Cuba, Letux (if you go there you can eat one of the best cheeses of Aragon), Lagate and Samper del Salz. In fact, these villages also give the show the fruit trees such as pear, apple, peach or cherry during their flowering.

Learn about other things to do in Campo de Belchite.

Valderrobres and Calaceite

The almond, together with the olive tree and the vineyard, is one of the means of subsistence of the small towns of Matarraña (Teruel). For this reason, the extensions of almond trees in flower that can be seen in this area are worth visiting. The presence of almond trees is greater in the northern part of the region, in the towns of Valderrobres, Calacdeite, Valdeltormo or Valjunquera, but also in the surroundings of Cretas or Torre del Compte you can see large white flowering spots that simulate a blanket of snow in the distance. The Matarraña, the Aragonese Tuscany, is a perfect area to visit always, but if you do it now the landscape you will discover will be unique. Remember in the Matarraña there are several villages considered some of the most beautiful in Spain.

From Zaragoza, Valderrobres is less than two hours away, while from Tarragona it is only an hour and a half. From Barcelona you can see the almond blossoms in just over two and a half hours.

Bolea and Alberca de Alboré

More than almond trees, in Bolea what can be seen are cherry blossoms. It is a flowering that begins a few days later than that of the almond tree, but it is just as colorful and inspiring. Very close to Bolea, in the Alberca de Alboré Natural Center, seeing the cherry blossom can become an almost Japanese experience (country of the cherry tree par excellence). In addition to the flowering, the cranes migrate to northern Europe, since this natural site has become the main resting area of the common crane, after the Gallocanta Lagoon.

Both Bolea and Alberca de Alboré are only an hour away from Zaragoza; while from Huesca it will only take you 25 minutes to get to Bolea and 40 minutes to Alberca.

Do you know more places to see the almond blossom?

In other places such as the region of Valdejalón (Zaragoza), Alcorisa, Calanda or villages of Cinco Villas you can see the almond blossom in full bloom. If you know more places, let us know to add them to the list!

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