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Trufa Negra D’Aragón is born to promote the best truffle in the world

Created and promoted by TrufaAragon, the Asoc. de Jóvenes Truficultores de TE and the Asoc. de Truficultores y Recolectores de Truficultores de Truffle Growers and Black Truffle Collectors of the Zaragoza Region.

In Aragon, the black truffle (Tuber melanosporum) has become the black diamond par excellence, a delicacy recognized worldwide. Of the 150 tons that are collected worldwide, more than 80 tons are harvested in the Aragonese community, making this territory the largest producer and exporter of black truffle in the world.

This is one of the reasons that has led the Association of Truffle Collectors and Growers of Aragon (Huesca), the Association of Young Truffle Growers of Teruel and the Association of Truffle Growers and Black Truffle Collectors of the Zaragoza Region to create: Trufa Negra D’Aragón. The first registered trademark of this “black diamond”.

Trufa Negra D’Aragón’s objectives

Among its objectives is to promote the image, good practices and quality, so that whoever buys the Black Truffle of Aragon, “does so knowing that he or she is acquiring a product of proven quality”.

“Today is a great day for the truffle”, said Marisa Esteban, while Jesús López explained that “this idea was proposed three years ago”. López also added that it is a “brand for everyone, not only for producers”, but for everyone who likes to enjoy, work and taste the black truffle.

Next steps:

Build and consolidate the brand image of Trufa Negra D’Aragón; disseminate all the necessary information to make tuber melanosporum known; capture the interest of the target public in the product, both nationally and regionally; to promote the consumption of the truffle in restaurants for its diffusion to the general public; to increase the turnover of truffle growers; to train the truffle growers themselves; to promote tuber melanosporum regionally, nationally and internationally and, finally, to generate new business around the truffle.
Ramiro Domínguez stated that “the Cortes de Aragón will support all these initiatives that generate wealth and employment”, especially in the rural world of the region. “It is a long road, it is going to cost us,” said Carmen Urbano, who has also shown her support for this newborn brand. In addition, “we not only have to talk about quality, but we also have to work on the value” of Trufa Negra D’Aragón, she concluded.

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