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Loarre Castle: The best preserved castle in Europe

If you are in Aragon and you are looking for options for sightseeing and enjoy the most emblematic sites, this is one of the destinations you should visit. Loarre Castle stands out from other destinations because its structure stands on the plains of the Hoya de Huesca region.

It is for this reason that we are going to explain everything you should know about this particular destination so you can enjoy your visit to the fullest. Loarre Castle is a fortified enclosure that is considered the best preserved castle in Europe, which is one of the reasons why it is such a particular destination.

The enclosure stands on a rocky spur where there are different buildings such as walls, towers and a central fortress, a keep or the beautiful viewpoint of the queen, where you can enjoy the beautiful view over the mountains, with the majestic plains that lie beneath the feet of visitors.

In the romantic style complex, you can also find a series of outbuildings of monastic origin, such as the church or the crypt that are an important part of the history of the town, all preserved in excellent condition, to such an extent that this town has been used as a setting for films and documentaries.

The Castle of Loarre was built in the 11th century, being a key piece for King Sancho III el Mayor during the Christian reconquest of the Tierra Plan during the period of war with the Muslims. This enclosure showed the strategic importance of the same one, on having counted on a defensive structure that served as support before the Muslims of Bolea. Fortunately, the emblematic site has been maintained and today we can go for an exciting visit and enjoy this attraction in all its splendor.

What you can do at Loarre Castle

If you are interested in getting to know this incredible castle located in Aragon, you can go on a visit to see the original architecture and enjoy every detail of the classic Romanesque style of the 11th century. But, besides enjoying the view of this monument, you can also visit other attractions that are located within the system, as well as perform various activities to learn more about this destination. For this reason, we are going to show you everything you can do in the Loarre Castle:

Visiting the interior of Loarre Castle

If you are interested in enjoying an artistic and architectural tour in which you can discover all the secrets hidden behind this particular castle preserved to perfection. You will be able to know in detail each of the particularities of the destination, so that you can understand in depth the basis of its architecture, artistic, cultural and even historical components, since you will be able to understand the reasons behind the construction of such a particular fort.

Best of all, no matter where you are from, the tour is available in English, Spanish and even French. In fact, there are also special tours for school groups or tours that are adapted to the age of the visitors, in order to make them feel comfortable with the service. All this with the possibility of establishing groups of different ages and making a tour that suits everyone’s needs, which will greatly enhance the experience and the visit to this incredible destination.

Hiking in the castle


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To get to the castle there are two main ways, which are: By vehicle or walking, which means that, you can select any of the modalities to enjoy the walk.

If you decide to take the hiking route, you will not only enjoy the main attraction which is the castle as such, but you will also be able to walk along a simple uphill path while discovering incredible views and landscapes. Best of all, on days with good weather, you can not only go hiking but also take to the skies in paragliders, although if you don’t like heights, you can enjoy the nice view from the road.

Meet a movie set

This site is well known and generates great impression because it has been used as a set for different movies inspired by the romantic style and the classic medieval architecture. All this has been precisely what has inspired multiple directors who have generated productions such as ‘Kingdom of Heaven‘ or ‘El Ministerio del Tiempo’.

In a first impression, this castle may have a terrifying or at least scary appearance, but this is precisely the idea that the directors have tried to make visible, being this the reason why it has become a perfect setting for films and documentaries.

Beautiful views from the castle

Although the Castle itself is a beautiful attraction, there are some complements that make this visit unforgettable, such as in the case of the panoramic view that is generated over the Hoya de Huesca, which is obtained by reaching the highest point, either on the Torre de la Reina or the Torre de Homenaje.

From this high point you can enjoy beautiful sunsets, or visualize the almond tree fields that can be perceived as a wonderful postcard, for some people, these images can even be magical, therefore, this can be the ideal perspective to take pictures and take a beautiful memory of this town.

For all these reasons Loarre Castle is one of the most famous and special places in our community, so it is one of the main tourist destinations for visitors from all over the world, in addition to preserving an important historical, architectural and cultural legacy that still today are presented as an almost intact picture of what was this structure.

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