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Five easy routes to do in autumn in Huesca (Spain)

Autumn is probably the best season of the year to go hiking in the mountains. So if you are thinking of putting on your boots and going on a hike... here are some suggestions (suitable for the whole family) that you can do without leaving the province of Huesca.

Past the Pyrenees we find the province of Huesca, in Aragón, full of landscapes and places to know from the border with France. From Puente de los Navarros on the Camino de Santiago to the majestic mallos de Riglos, Huesca offers an incredible variety of possibilities for excursions. Here are some of them easy to do, even with children.

  • Route of the hermitages of Tella
  • Mallos de Agüero
  • Route of the viewpoints, in Panticosa
  • Route of the three waterfalls, in Cerler
  • Route from Puente de los Navarros to San Nicolás de Bujaruelo

Route of the hermitages of Tella

To begin with, we propose a route through the hermitages of Tella. It is a circular walk, which begins and ends in the village of Tella-Sin (Sobrarbe region). Specifically, the itinerary begins in the church of the village, the church of San Martín. Once there, it will be time to start walking but… don’t panic! The path is not very demanding, it is only about 100 meters of positive slope and a little less than 3 kilometers long.

During the walk you will find three hermitages of great architectural value: that of Saints John and Paul (one of the oldest of the Romanesque in Aragon), that of the Virgin of Fajanillas and the Virgin of the Rock, dating from the eleventh and sixteenth centuries. If you accept my advice, take it easy and enjoy the scenery. You are at the foot of the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido. The approximate duration of this Pyrenean walk is 1 hour and a half.

Mallos de Agüero

Attention because not everybody knows this route! Agüero is a village located just 40 kilometers from the capital (region of Hoya de Huesca). Reaching it offers you two things. The first is to enjoy its town center and the two churches that are in it: the church of El Salvador, in Romanesque style, and the church of Santiago, a kilometer from the village and considered one of the most beautiful Romanesque temples of Aragon. In fact, it has been declared a National Monument and, according to Turismo de Aragón, you can ask for the keys to see it at the local residence for the elderly. The second privilege of visiting this town of Huesca is to walk the slopes of its incredible mallos.

In Go Aragón we suggest a circular route, which will allow you to see both the landscape of the village and the peculiar rock formations of the municipality. But that’s not all! In addition, in this area it is common to see climbers and many birds. So if you have binoculars, don’t forget them at home.

In total, the trail is about 3 kilometers long, with 140 meters of positive slope and no technical difficulty. It will take you a little less than 2 hours to complete.

Route of the viewpoints, in Panticosa

We continue with simple proposals, but no less spectacular. The Panticosa Viewpoints Route, as its name suggests, leads to two incredible viewpoints from which you can admire the towns of Panticosa, El Pueyo de Jaca and much of the Tena Valley (Alto Gállego region).

The route starts in Panticosa, in La Cruz street. From there begins a path that will soon take you into a dense forest, full of vegetation, which I encourage you to enjoy and take the opportunity to see the typical colors of autumn. You will not be disappointed.

And as in the previous options, do not be in a hurry. The route is practically circular, it is about 3 kilometers long and has a positive difference in altitude of about 200 meters. It usually takes about 1 hour and a half to finish it.

Route of the three waterfalls, in Cerler

Foto de Las 3 cascadas – Cerler (Foto: Wikiloc Manuel_PF)

Little by little we raise the level, and the slope. The following is a more demanding route to do in autumn in Huesca, but also during the summer, but without technical difficulties. You can do it with hiking boots or sneakers and, of course, something to hydrate yourself. It is the Route of the Three Waterfalls of Ardonés, in Cerler (region of La Ribagoraza). A Pyrenean enclave that if in itself in summer is already beautiful, with the unique autumn will leave you speechless.

The route is circular and starts in the village of Cerler. Once you have located the path, you will start climbing up the mountain until you reach the Hermitage of San Pedro Mártir, patron saint of the village. Once there, you will only have to follow the yellow marks that indicate that the path is a PR (Pequeño Recorrido). And if the route is called “of the three waterfalls” is because, obviously, what you will find along the way are three impressive waterfalls. The first you will see is the Ardonés waterfall, followed by the Clotet and the Mascarada. Most likely, when you see them, you will want to take a picture with them.

In total, this hike is about 7 kilometers long, with 300 meters of positive elevation gain. It will take you about 3 hours to finish it.

Route from Puente de los Navarros to San Nicolás de Bujaruelo

Finally, we tell you about a route that goes from Puente de los Navarros to San Nicolás de Bujaruelo (Sobrarbe region) through a valley full of flora and fauna. And if you stay a few days in this area you can visit Torla-Ordesa, a border town with France with a lot of history in its streets. This is the last route we selected for you to do in autumn in Huesca.

The route starts at the traffic circle at the entrance to the valley of Bujaruelo. Until the bridge of the Navarros you can go by car or walking, I recommend the first one. At 400 meters from the Bridge of the Navarros, towards Torla, you will have to take the GR-11 detour, these are the red and white marks that indicate that you are on a Gran Recorrido. There, a sign will warn you that you have almost 7 kilometers of walking ahead of you, which will take you about 2 and a half hours to complete. The trail has a lot of forest, and this will give you the feeling of being in a movie landscape.

What should you know about this route? It is not a circular route, so you will need to leave a car at the arrival point or be aware that you will have to walk the 7 kilometers back, which would add up to a total distance of 14 km. In addition, the trail has about 400 meters of positive elevation gain, somewhat more than the previous routes. With these characteristics, its difficulty is medium.

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