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6 things you must see in Valderrobres. Know the essential tours in Valderrobres.

The charm of Valderrobres combines the beauty of its landscapes with its emblematic heritage architecture. The Santa María la Mayor church next to the huge castle and the access to the Plaza Mayor through the "stone bridge", crown this space.

It is not the first time we write about this beautiful village, located in the province of Teruel and autonomous community of Aragon, and why you should include this town in any route through the region of Matarraña.
This beautiful village is situated on a hill bordered by high mountains and pine forests and one of them is the well-known Peña Aznar. This large rock (1014 m) in the shape of a table stands out in the landscape of the village. And, for all this rich heritage, it belongs to the select network The Most Beautiful Villages of Spain. Now we want to show you the most interesting places to see in Valderrobres.

Tour Valderrobres step by step and without haste

Valderrobres is a place that deserves to be visited without any hurry and perceiving the richness of every step and every corner. Visiting the streets of the old town is to enter a history of impressive medieval architecture. For this reason, it has been declared a Historic Site.

The town stretches from the upper part of the hill to the banks of the Matarraña River. This river serves as a natural boundary between the old town and the neighborhood. The whole terroir weaves an attractive Gothic labyrinth of sloping streets, flower-lined stairways and monuments.

Valderrobres and its cobbled streets

Getting lost among the narrow streets of Valderrobres is an experience. Every step is impregnated with the history of its noble houses, portals and steep streets.
All this environment is adorned with a monumental palette of colors. The view is enraptured by the grayish tone of the stones, the brown of the wood and the reds, whites and pinks of the flowers.
A walking route leads to the Plaza España where there are 2 buildings that attract all the attention:

  • Edificio Consistorial. A beautiful model of Renaissance palace with an attractive ornamentation.
  • Fonda La Plaza Building. This is a space from the late Middle Ages that still houses travelers and offers the gastronomic richness of the town.

Its Cultural Assets

The Government of Aragon has declared some of its attractions and tourist destinations to be of Cultural Interest. We present them below:

1. The castle, an essential visit

In the upper part of the village is one of the defensive fortresses during the period of the reconquest. This is the imposing building of the Castle-Palace of Valderrobres that was begun in the late twelfth century.
This building stands on the cusp of a rocky hill and is walled with a mountain. In its highest rooms, where initially grains and oil were stored, the urban center, the ports of Beceite and the Matarraña river can be seen.
In other rooms of the building there are temporary exhibitions that recreate an environment that takes us back to the time of the feudal and noble patrons.

2. The parish church of Santa María la Mayor
Iglesia de Santa María la Mayor (Valderrobres)

This work rules the top of the historic center of Valderrobres, catching the eyes of its visitors. Its construction is estimated to have taken place between 1314 and 1348, approximately.
Undoubtedly, this church is a magnificent reference of the Aragonese medieval building and together with the castle forms an admirable Gothic ensemble. Both spaces are intercommunicated by a corridor that, previously, was the private enclosure of the archbishop.

3. The sturdy stone bridge

This is one of the emblematic points of the town. Its sturdy structure stands over the Matarraña river and the San Roque gateway and is the promotional letter of the old side of Aragon.
In its origins (XIV century) its solidity was prepared to support the floods of the river. Years ago, collections were made (pontazgo, tribute) to those who wished to cross it.

4. Bergós Gateway

One of them is the Bergós gate, which led to the nearby village of Torre del Compte, and whose arch could have been built between the 13th and 14th centuries. And as is customary for medieval portals, they were sanctified, that is, placed under the protection of a saint. This one was under that of the Immaculate Conception, although the niche is empty.

5. The Museum and Interpretation Club of Valderrobres

The place offers to the visitors information of the natural, patrimonial and cultural heritage of the Matarraña. It also hosts exhibitions of private collectors and illustrious Valderrobrense artists, which are very attractive and interesting.

6. The More de Bunyol Bird Observatory

Are you a nature lover? Well, in this space of Valderrobres you have the opportunity to explore the wild nature. This observatory is located on a feeding place for vultures. The establishment allows the observation of these birds can be accessed through a protected tunnel.

Particularities of its inhabitants

This region of Matarraña bordering with Catalonia preserves its particular dialect: The chapurriau. With this name the Aragonese Catalan is designated and it has been transmitted by generations during centuries. For the inhabitants of this locality this language is a linguistic heritage.
They also preserve the tradition of serving Teruel ham, beans, olive oil, baked lamb and Grenache wine on their tables. They do not forget the typical sweets such as crespells and ametllats and in their kitchens they characterize the gastronomy of Matarraña preserving the tradition of the stoves.

Valderrobres and its surroundings

The capital of Matarraña is the perfect place to discover the many attractions of the region. The landscape around Valderrobres favors the enjoyment of outdoor excursions, as well as hiking or cycling routes.

Some essential suggestions are:

  • The portentous waterfall of the Tastavins tributary called El Salt, located between the jurisdictions of Valderrobres and La Portellada.
  • The great dam of Pena surrounded by mountains that can be appreciated making an adventurous kayak tour.
  • The exceptional place of El Parrizal to appreciate the passage of the waters of the Matarraña between rocks and mountains.
  • The Matarraña-Algars natural historical path, which includes a route following the river bank through the mountains, its fluvial ponds and the most representative villages.
What you can do now

Up to this point we have exposed a virtual tour of the impressive capital of Matarraña. And, now that you have an idea of what you can see in Valderrobres and its surroundings, it only remains for you to enjoy it personally. These are some of the benefits of tourism in Teruel.

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