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Sharon Corr arrives in Zaragoza with her latest solo album, “The Fool & The Scorpion”

The Teatro de las Esquinas will host this Friday the performance of the Irish singer, who returns to Spain to present her latest solo album, "The Fool & The Scorpion".

Sharon Corr’s European tour will land this Friday at 21:00h. in Zaragoza, specifically at the Teatro de las Esquinas in the Aragonese capital. The Irish artist arrives in the city to present ‘The Fool & The Scorpion’, her latest solo album. The performance was initially scheduled at the Rock & Blues Café, but the organizers decided to change its location due to the good reception from the public, as well as to ensure its viability.

Practically all the tickets that went on sale last November to see the vocalist of The Corrs at the Rock & Blues -about 200- were sold out. Tickets purchased for the concert at the Rock & Blues will be valid for the performance at the Teatro de las Esquinas. For those who already had a ticket, the 200 seats closest to the stage have been reserved. The new tickets are on sale at a price of 25 euros (plus expenses) through the promoter www.sweetcarolinezgz.com and the website of the Teatro de las Esquinas.

With over 23 years of iconic career, the Irish band The Corrs has been part of the soundtrack of most of our lives. When The Corrs took some time off to focus on their families, Sharon, the eldest of the three sisters, began her solo journey and in 2010 released her self-written debut album, “Dream Of You”, a collection of honestly crafted melodic gems.

In 2013 she released her second work, entitled “The Same Sun”, a total turnaround compared to her debut, based on a simple and organic sound, where influences from the late 60’s and early 70’s, to the present day, were suggested.

Between 2011 and 2015, Sharon was on tour touring Europe, the United States and Australia. Meanwhile, she also had time to coach for two seasons (2012 and 2013), on the hit talent show “The Voice” where she shared with the students her musical knowledge and experience with the industry. After resuming the group with her brothers in 2015 and releasing two new albums “White Light” and “Jupiter Calling”, Sharon returns again solo with a tour that will tour seven Spanish cities.

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