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6 Aragonese oils that have nothing to envy to Italian oils

Aragonese oils are the best oils in the world, or at least this is certified by the numerous international awards that these products have received. The extra virgin olive oils from Southern Aragon are among the most awarded on the planet, pure gold for the palate!

Spain is the world’s leading oil producer with 1.3 million tons, while Italy is the leading exporter of this product. There are many who consider that the best oil on the planet is produced there. And it is possible that their publicity campaigns and awards ratify this, but in Spain, and specifically in Aragon, oils are produced that have won international awards in famous olive oil competitions. Many of Aragonese oils have been distinguished in TerraOlivo in Israel, AVPA and Prix Epicures in Paris, the Joop in Japan or in the Italian EVO-IOOC International Competition.

These oils have nothing to envy to the Italian ones and their quality puts Aragon on the international map. We present 6 internationally awarded oils from Aragon, also considered the best of Aragon.

Artal Oil Mill

The oils of Almazara Artal, in Albalate del Arzobispo (Teruel) are the product of its master miller Arantxa Garín. Aceite de Marta is its flagship, a blend of empeltre and arbequina; an extra virgin oil obtained from olive trees with Designation of Origin of Bajo Aragón. The premium oil is marketed under the name Safeito. What makes Almazara Artal special? The olives with which it is produced do not touch the ground; they are worked exclusively with mechanical procedures so as not to alter their delicate natural balance.

Among its many distinctions in 2021 are the Best Oil of Lower Aragon 2021, two Grand Prestige Gold awards and the Best Sweet Almond at Terraolivo 2021 and the gold medal at the EVO-IOOC 2021 International Competition, among others.


Mi Olivo oil from Apadrinaunolivo.org (Oliete, Teruel) is perhaps the oldest variety of olive tree in the Iberian Peninsula, also known as the Fina de Aragón. It is certified by the Protected Designation of Origin of Lower Aragon. Its olives are obtained from centenary olive trees in the process of recovery of the empeltre variety. Its master miller is Carlos Blanco.

The oil is bottled by hand in an oil mill belonging to the Apadrinaunolivo.org project, an oil mill considered Triple S (Social, Sustainable and Solidarity).

It has distinctions such as the Best Oil of Lower Aragon Award 2020, Grand Prestige Gold of Terraolivo 2021 and the gold medal in the EVO-IOOC International Competition 2020 and silver in the 2021 edition.

Find out more about the project in this article. They not only produce oil, they recover the environment of Oliete thanks to the help of the sponsors.

Mezquín Cooperative

Delioliva is the brand name of the oil produced in La Codoñera (Teruel) by the Cooperativa del Mezquín. It is a natural extra virgin olive oil, produced from Empeltre olives. The result is a sweet oil, with a clean appearance without any hint of veils, cloudiness or dirt that would prevent its transparency from being appreciated. Its golden yellow color is unsurpassed, pure gold for your dishes!

Among their distinctions, these Aragonese oils treasure a Prestige Gold from Terraolivo 2021 and the gold medal in the EVO-IOOC 2021 International Competition.

Impelte del Bajo Martín Oils

It has several products made with the Empeltre variety, such as Impelte Nuevo, or Impelte DO Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The former is made with the first Empeltre olives of each season and combines the almond flavors typical of the variety with the greener and fruitier notes typical of an early harvest stage. Its Impelte DO oil is the star product with the prestigious quality seal Aceite del Bajo Aragón and stands out for its balance and harmony, with a smooth and pleasant taste.

These Aragonese oils have distinctions such as Prestige Gold from Terraolivo 2021, the silver medal from the EVO-IOOC 2020 International Competition and a gold in the 2021 edition.

Alfonso Mill

aragonese oils molino alfonso

It has a wide variety of oils, from first harvest olive oil, extra virgin olive oil in cans or carafes and seasoned olive oils. It uses olives from Bajo Aragón for its production, both arbequina and empeltre.

Almazara Molino Alfonso’s extra virgin olive oils have been among the most awarded oils by the Aceite del Bajo Aragón PDO in recent years, with awards such as Grand Prestige Gold, Prestige Gold and Gold de TerraOlivo (for its empeltre and arbequina varieties) or several AVPA Paris (Gold and Silver Gourmet for its arbequina single variety). It has also won the gold medal in the EVO-IOOC 2021 International Competition.

Learn more about Molino Alfonso’s project in this article.


diezdedos oils from aragon

José María Rodas aimed to create the best extra virgin olive oil in the world. Since 2012 he harvests in Cretas (Matarraña, Teruel) one of the best premium oils on the market, but also a unique production. Diezdedos grows arbequina, empeltre, arroniz, frantoio and corbella. No other Pago estate in the world grows them together and therefore their coupage of the 5 varieties is the first Pago coupage produced in Spain.

Moreover, they do not keep the oil for a long time in the mill, but filter it and bottle it on request to enhance its aroma.

These peculiarities have earned it three gold medals at the Dubai Olive Oil Competition-Rarly Harvest Edition 202, Prix Epicures 2018 in Paris, Gold at the Joop of Japan 2019, among others.

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