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The 20 best things to see and to do in Aragon

From the beautiful streets of Alquezar to the rooftops of the Cathedral of Pilar in Zaragoza, through the incredible environment of the Pyrenees or the waterfalls of the Monasterio de Piedra ... the truth is that Aragon is not lacking in charm.

1. Zaragoza

The capital of Aragon, Zaragoza, is not only famous for Plaza del Pilar and its imposing basilica, although both are a must-see. You will also find interesting museums, a beautiful Moorish-style palace, the omnipresent Ebro River and the good vibes of the tapas bars in the Tubo.

You can visit several routes to learn more about Goya and his time, visit the Aljafería palace This impressive fortress of wide walls and solid towers hides a fantastic history.
It is considered one of the peaks of Hispano-Muslim art, along with the Alhambra in Granada and the Mosque of Cordoba, and inspired the opera “Il Trovatore” by Giuseppe Verdi.

2. Teruel

Although it is the least populated capital of Spain, Teruel not only exists, but deserves a visit. In addition to being home to the country’s most famous lovers, it is also home to the largest number of Mudejar buildings in Spain per square meter.

Don’t miss its main tourist attractions such as the Escalinata, the Plaza del Torico, the Acueducto de los Arcos or the towers of San Martín and del Salvador.

3. Huesca

Huesca is the other provincial capital of the Community, and it could not be miss. In Huesca you can breathe that quiet air typical of small cities, but that does not prevent it from having a long history behind it.

And a good number of interesting places to visit. An Arab wall, a Gothic cathedral and some Romanesque churches are the traces of the different peoples that passed through these lands, gradually creating the city that is Huesca today.

4. Tarazona

In a strategic location in the foothills of the Moncayo mountain range, the beautiful Tarazona appears. Its historic center of narrow streets, arches, passageways, stairs and more stairs, beautiful squares, small palaces, traditional houses and a handful of Mudejar buildings, is ideal for exploring at your own pace.

If you visit Tarazona in the month of August, you will have the opportunity to experience the rain of tomatoes on the mythical character hooded and disguised as a harlequin called cipotegato.

5. Albarracín, an ideal plan to do in Aragon

The spectacular historic center of Albarracín has helped it to be considered one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. No one can deny that the network of narrow streets of its center is a real wonder, but the environment in which this town sits is no less so. From outside its walls the picture will be perfect wherever you look.

Nature lovers can also enjoy the wide variety of hiking trails in the area and visit the caves with rock art along the way.

6. Valderrobres

Valderrobles has the distinction of being the most beautiful village in Spain. Valderrobres is crowned by its monumental castle, connected to the Gothic church of Santa María la Mayor. In the main square, which is accessed through the magnificent ‘stone bridge’, stand the town hall and several palatial mansions.

7. Dinópolis, perfect plan with children in Aragon

The province of Teruel is a land of dinosaurs. In the capital of Teruel is the famous and didactic theme park of Dinópolis, in which young and old alike enjoy. In addition, other towns in the area such as Rubielos de Mora, Albarracín or Galve, where the first dinosaur in Spain was found, offer a trip back in time.

8. Loarre Castle

Loarre Castle may be the best preserved Romanesque building in Europe. It has been the setting for such well-known films as “Kingdom of Heaven” by Ridley Scott.
In 2020 it was no more and no less than 1000 years old. An imposing wall and eleven towers welcome the once royal palace, which later became a monastery…

9. Mallos de Riglos

Mallos de Riglos. Vídeo: Olga Gudnikova

Another spectacular Aragonese landscape is offered by the curious geological formations of the Mallos de Riglos. These vertical walls that reach up to 300 m high are a paradise for climbers.

But they are also home to several protected species of birds of prey, such as the impressive griffon vulture. So now you know, if climbing or ornithology is your thing, visiting Riglos is an ideal plan to do in Aragon.

10. Calatayud

In the ancient Bílbilis, (denomination of Calatayud, you must visit the Roman ruins of Bílbilis, you can contemplate some of the jewels of the Mudejar architecture of Aragon (such as the tower of the collegiate church of Santa Maria which is a World Heritage Site), and the oldest Arab fortification in Spain. Before leaving you can stroll through the interesting Jewish quarter, see the Church of San Juan el Real where there are some paintings attributed to the illustrious Goya and even a replica of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.

11. Monasterio de Piedra, one of the best places to visit in Aragon

As it passes through Nuévalos, the Piedra river forms a spectacular natural setting around a monastery founded by Cistercian monks in the 12th century. Let yourself be carried away by the murmur of the water. Waterfalls, caves and beautiful waterfalls coexist in an unusual orchard where vegetation reigns in the middle of an arid landscape.The walls of the 13th century monastery hide eight centuries of history since its consecration in 1218.
The main characteristics of Cistercian architecture can be seen here.
The Church is the central building, with an annexed cloister around which the monastic rooms are arranged: Chapter House, Cillería or warehouse, Kitchen, Refectory and Heater.

There are two other Cistercian Monasteries in Aragón, know more about them.

12. Old Town of Belchite

Very close to Zaragoza is one of those places that serve as a reminder of the terrible consequences of the wars. The old town of Belchite is the living testimony of the Spanish Civil War.

The church of San Martin, the Clock Tower or the arches of the Villa and San Roque are some of the main buildings and it is surprising to see how even keeping only part of their skeletons, they are able to retain all its grandeur.

More information about Belchite

13. Fuendetodos

Once you have visited Belchite you have no excuse not to visit Fuendetodos, a must for art lovers. What is so special about this small town? Very simple, the birthplace of one of the most revolutionary artists of all times, Francisco de Goya. And its Museum of Engraving and the Zuloaga Exhibition Hall.

14. Aragonese Pyrenees

Already in Ordesa we stay in the Pyrenees. It is divided into 5 regions: La Ribagorza, Sobrarbe, Alto Gallego and Jacetania and La Hoya de Huesca. Its medieval villages, its legends, its architectural heritage and its gastronomy make it unique in the world.
You can enjoy it all year round, spring, summer, autumn and winter in the Pyrenees do not matter, you can walk in the mountains, ski, visit its villages and taste its gastronomy.
Here are the most famous ski resorts in Spain, such as Panticosa, Formigal, Astún or Candanchú, the oldest in the country.

Take the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful villages in the area such as Sallent de Gallego, Hoz de Jaca, Aínsa, Ansó, Alquézar, Panticosa, Torla, Benasque, Hecho, Broto, Lanuza…

15. Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park

Visiting the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Aragon. It is a spectacular natural site that seems to be taken from another planet.

Find more information about Ordesa here.

16. Jaca

Undoubtedly the first capital of Aragon is worth a visit. Jaca is today the symbolic capital of the Pyrenees and a place full of life. Starting point for many excursions, it is full of life all year round but it is perhaps in summer and during the ski season when it is most active.

Jen Jaca de bes visit its impressive pentagon-shaped Citadel and a few kilometers away the amazing Monastery of San Juan de la Peña.

17. Canfranc International Railway Station

Recently recovered, it was inaugurated in 1928 and declared an Asset of Cultural Interest. This International Railway Station of Canfranc was born from the desire to unite France and Spain crossing the Pyrenees.

18. Ainsa, one of the most charming villages in Spain

It is part of the prestigious and small group of the most beautiful villages of Spain. Time seems to have stopped in Ainsa to preserve intact the charm of its houses, streets and squares.

Strategically located at the confluence of the rivers Cinca and Ara, on a hill at an altitude of 589 m., from where it dominates the entire environment. In a privileged place, between the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido, the Natural Park of the Canyons and the Sierra de Guara and the Posets-Maladeta Natural Park, Ainsa is the most important crossroads of communication routes in this Pyrenean sector.

19. Alquezar

Also named one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. The village of Alquezar is perched at 660 meters above sea level on one of the mountains parallel to the Pyrenees, perfectly integrated in an impressive limestone landscape shaped by the river Vero, which has created over time an incredible canyon for canyoning, impressive cliffs, caves of rock art …

It highlights a majestic collegiate church, declared a National Monument in 1931, and the architecture and medieval layout of the town center is a Historic-Artistic Site since 1982.

More about Alquezar

20. Monegros Desert

This unique region contains one of the largest and most impressive deserts in the Iberian Peninsula. It has hills, plains and ravines, but it is also dotted with small saltwater pools formed by rainwater and rivers. The steppes and forests, the sierras and their ravines, the salt ponds and lagoons make up an original landscape full of ochre and dark greens.

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