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The best bicycle routes to discover Aragon

Aragon is the third destination in Spain that receives more international tourists for cycling tourism, and they come to enjoy the many routes prepared for two wheels.

Traveling by bicycle is one of the best ways to get to know a territory. It is a way of getting around that combines sport, tourism and nature, and allows you to discover paths and spaces that you would not have access to if you used the car. From the Ebro valley or the mountains of Teruel to the Pyrenees, either by mountain bike or road bike, the three provinces of Aragon offer a variety of options. Let’s get to know some of them.

Escachamatas Greenway

An initiation route, perfect for families, next to vineyards, olive trees and orchards.

Let’s start with an easy level route for mountain biking, which is part of the so-called “Rutas de la Garnacha”. This one in particular runs along a greenway between Borja and Magallón, in the province of Zaragoza. There are 6.2 kilometers of trails with almost no elevation gain, where you will pedal along vineyards, olive trees and orchards. It is an ideal choice for a short bike ride with the family, at an ave

rage pace you will have finished it in less than an hour.

Ojos Negros Nature Trail

The Ojos Negros nature trail in Teruel is almost 50 kilometers on the old mining railroad route.

We raise the difficulty a little bit and we go to the province of Teruel to do a route of 46.8 kilometers that run on the old route of a mining railroad. You will start from the old station of Santa Eulalia and pass through Cella, Caudé, the old station of Teruel and Valdecebro before finishing at the port of Escandón. It is a 4 and a half hour ride and, if you want more, you can continue with the second part of this nature trail and continue to Albentosa, on the provincial border with Valencia. If you do so, you will add about 4 hours more to the journey.

Val de Zafán Greenway

The Greenway of Val de Zafán surprises for its spectacular scenery.

The Val de Zafán Greenway is an old railroad track converted into a greenway and cycle path that links Puebla de Híjar (Aragon) with Tortosa (Catalonia). In total there are 130 kilometers (the second longest greenway in Spain) of route between olive trees, almond trees, natural pools, old train stations recovered and crystal clear watercourses to the great river Ebro through the Teruel regions of Bajo Martín, Bajo Aragón and Matarraña, until reaching Catalonia. A route that can be made in phases and that allows to make routes between a route that crosses protected natural spaces and history. It is best to do the route with some of the bicycle rental companies in the area (Cretas, Valdealgorfa, Alcañiz…) that also provide a pick-up van service in Tortosa to avoid having to make the way back uphill.

Zaragoza-San Mateo Route

If your thing is the road bike we also have proposals for you. The first is a simple route ideal for beginners, which you can finish in about 2 hours, as it has an extension of just under 50 kilometers. Leave the Aragonese capital in the direction of the Cogullada industrial estate, from the Z-40 you will reach San Gregorio and then San Juan de Mozarrifar. The route will run closer and closer to the Gállego river, until it finally reaches San Mateo.

Back to Serrablo

The return to the Serrablo can become a social, sporting and cultural route.

We are still on the road! This time in the province of Huesca, specifically in the traditional region of Serrablo. Take strength because there are 145 kilometers in total, but we assure you that the route is worth it. This route starts and ends in Sabiñánigo and passes through Biescas, Broto, Boltaña, the area of La Güarguera and Lanave. At a good pace, you will have finished it in about five hours at a very good pace, and you will be able to see the route of the Serrablo churches!

The Partacua

There are several routes related to the Sierra de la Partacua with different difficulties. (bttpirineosaltogallego.com)

We finish our recommendations with a medium level route that is part of the Rutas del Alto Gállego, in Huesca. In total 26 and a half kilometers of beautiful mountain scenery through the Pyrenees, which will take you just under 3 hours. It has a significant difference in altitude and you may encounter snow at some point along the way, so make sure you are well equipped. This circular route starts and ends in Piedrafita de Jaca and will take you to the Ibón de Piedrafita or the Ibón de Las Paules. Also from Piedrafita de Jaca leaves the route of Ibones de la Partacua, a much more demanding route of 33 kilometers with a drop of 1,120 meters and a duration of 5 hours.

Do you want more? Well, we recommend that you consult the website of Turismo de Aragón dedicated to cycling tourism. There you will find more than 300 routes, organized according to their difficulty, so that you can find the most suitable for when you want to enjoy the pleasure of cycling through Aragon.

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