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4 top places for climbing in Aragon

Where are the best places to climb in Spain? Spain is renowned among climbing enthusiasts for its number of climbing sites (over 900 listed), which is why Spain has become a must in the life of a climber.

Whether you like cliffs or long routes, psicobloc, bouldering or adventure climbing, …., there is something for everyone.

Climbing is a growing sport that more and more people are taking up. Whether it is sport climbing or classic climbing, it combines physical and mental effort and can be practised in the open air. There are many places where you can climb in Aragon, and we have selected some for you, whether you are taking your first steps in this sport or are already an expert climber.

Climbing in nature is a very complete sport that, moreover, can be practised in direct contact with the environment. Yes, climbing on a climbing wall is fun, but the experience of “taming” a natural wall or the challenge of finding the best route, and doing it surrounded by a unique landscape… is difficult to achieve on a climbing wall. That’s why today we would like to recommend some of the best places to climb outdoors in Aragon.


Without a doubt, Albarracín is one of the most important climbing areas in Aragón. Proof of this is the fact that every year it welcomes hundreds of foreign tourists who are attracted not only by the beauty of the place, but also by its climbing routes. It has many bouldering sectors of varying degrees of difficulty, so it is easy to find the one that will put your skills to the test. Want more attractions? The area is included in the protected landscape of Pinares de Rodeno, so the views when you climb the rock are spectacular. The ideal time of year to climb in this area is winter.

Albarracín also has other less popular areas for climbing, such as the “Prao de la Caridad” bouldering area in Orihuela del Tremedal, or the climbing schools of Barranco de los Arcos, in Calomarde, and the Las Antenas area, in Frías de Albarracín.

If you need to hire equipment, find accommodation or receive advice before starting to climb in this area, you will find sports tourism companies here to help you.


The climbing area of Alcañiz is becoming increasingly important, thanks to the work of a local group of climbers who are trying to develop and promote this area of the Bajo Aragón de Teruel as a climbing destination.

It also has a large number of areas, although unlike Albarracín, they are a little more scattered. If you are already planning your climbing trip, we recommend that you do it between autumn and spring, as the high temperatures in summer make this activity not very advisable.

Here you can find more information about the climbing sites in the area, as well as the possibility of renting a crash pad, the safety platform used to cushion falls in outdoor climbing.


A climber on the natural rock walls of the Rodellar Valley.

his village in the Sierra de Guara, only 60 kilometres from Huesca, is also very popular with climbers from all over the world, called by its many high difficulty sport climbing routes. Most of the sectors found in this canyoning area are steep, meaning that you will have to be prepared to climb steep walls, and for this very reason it is not a suitable choice for those who are new to the world of climbing.

If you dare to visit Rodellar, check out the Kalandraka refuge website, where you will find routes, accommodation and other services to help you organise your trip.

El Buste

The province of Zaragoza also has places where you can practice this outdoor sport. One of the best is in El Buste, a village in the Tarazona and Moncayo region. There is a climbing area in the village, well protected from the sun and recommended for very hot days, and another in the area called “Matamala”, located in a sunnier area. Between them there are several routes of different levels of difficulty, some of which are ideal for beginners.

These are just some of the many possibilities that Aragon offers to outdoor climbing enthusiasts, but there are many more. The Riglos region or the Benasque Valley in Huesca, Morata de Jalón or La Puebla de Albortón in Zaragoza… the Aragonese mountains have dozens of places where you can practice this outdoor sport.

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