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The hydrogen sector in Aragon: a driver of employment and economic development

The hydrogen sector in Aragon has proven to be a powerful generator of employment and economic development, with each job created in this area driving the creation of another 62 jobs in the economy as a whole. This is reflected in the study “Analysis of the economic, social and business impact of hydrogen in Aragon”, presented at the closing ceremony of the XX Anniversary of the Hydrogen Aragon Foundation, held at its headquarters in the Walqa Technology Park in Huesca.

During the last ten years, hydrogen-related investment in Aragon has amounted to 134 million euros, generating an indirect impact of 665 million euros. The Aragon Hydrogen Foundation, in its two decades of existence, has become an international reference in this field, playing a crucial role in the creation of employment and wealth not only in the energy field, but also in related sectors.

The Second Vice-President and Minister of Economy, Employment and Industry of the Government of Aragon, Mar Vaquero, presided over the commemorative ceremony, highlighting the Foundation’s achievements and its national and international positioning. Vaquero stressed that the future of the Foundation looks “hopeful” thanks to its “solid foundations”, and that the coming years will see the development of projects that will change the lives of citizens at a global level. He also highlighted the importance of the hydrogen sector as one of the areas with the greatest potential in terms of employment and economic activity.

The study prepared by the consulting firm Smartpoint reveals significant data on the multiplier effect of the activity of the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation. Each euro invested in hydrogen projects has generated 3.5 additional euros in the economy. Likewise, each euro contributed by the Government of Aragon to the Foundation has been multiplied by seven. The report forecasts that the Foundation’s activity will have an economic impact in Aragon of up to 200 million euros over the next ten years.

Hydrogen investments in Aragon between 2011 and 2023 have created 2,150 jobs and a total economic footprint of more than 900 million euros, considering direct, indirect, induced impacts and associated tax revenue. Beyond the figures, the social benefit of hydrogen in Aragon has been remarkable, driving technological development in areas such as transport, storage and electrolyzers. Specialized training programs have also been launched, attracting new companies and improving the competitiveness and diversification of the regional economy.

The Aragon Hydrogen Foundation, with 90 companies, entities and research centers in its board of trustees, continues to be an essential pillar in the creation of an ecosystem that integrates industry, technology and innovation. Its trajectory and achievements reinforce Aragon’s role as a leader in hydrogen development, positioning the community as an international reference in this strategic field for energy transition and sustainability.

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